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Hayter’s & Co. LoDo December 23, 2010

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Tuesday night Trivia action at Hayter’s & Co. in lovely LoDo was a slugfest between home team Team Hayter’s and regulars/challengers Team X, with a Moneypit thrown in to make things interesting.
Team X easily dominated Round 1, winning the dazzling duo some tasty beverage, which must have befuddled the team a little bit, since they went on to lose to the home team in Round 2. Distracted by concerns outside live pub trivia, Team Moneypit finished third in Round 2 and opted out of Round 3.  Naturally, Round 3 ended in a tie, Team X won the tiebreaker question and the game.  Despite their dour expressions in the team photo, they are friendly and happy — and rather smart.  Congrats!

Cheerful Game Winners -- Team X

Team Hayter’s
Team Moneypit

Hayters December 16, 2010

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Another lovely, unseasonably warm December night brought the heat to trivia competition at Hayter’s & Co. in LoDo, with home team Hayters going toe-to-toe with Hayters Sister in a sibling rivalry-fueled grudge match.  Before that happened, however, Team 4 v. 1 and table sharing opponents BD/DB and Bottoms Up! fought it out for Round 1 dominance with BD/DB beating out 4 v. 1 in the tiebreaker for the winning round o’ shots.

Round 2 lit the match between Hayters and Hayters Sister but Team X jumped into the game and quickly dominated the room with his dazzling one-man show of mental prowess and handily won himself a cool shot.

The Buzz Beater question in Round 3 helped amp up the scorage and the round was narrowly won by BD/DB, who beat tied-up siblings Hayters and Hatyers Sister by just one point.  Those two teams met in the final tiebreaker (for bragging rights at the holiday dinner table) and Hayters took his Sister by the thinnest of victories.

Our game winner, by one measly point, was the home team: Hayters.  Congrats!


Hayter's Sister

Team Hayters
Bottoms Up!
One-man band Team X

Hayters & Co. December 2, 2010

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A lovely night in LoDo brought out more trivia players to Hayter’s & Co. who smartly took advantage of the delicious food and drink specials while I worked out a few technical difficulties.  Nothing stops Buzzwordz trivia, though, so we sallied forth and to and fro.

Round One proved to be a challenge for the teams and it was close race between The Other Team, Denim Chicken, Team Brown and the hometeam, Team Hayter’s.  In the end, Denim Chicken clucked their way to free Kamikaze shots.

Two more teams, Whatchoo Talkin’ Bout, Willis and Jager Chance joined in for Round Two and battled it out in another close round that ended with Denim Chicken pecking out the win and more shots.

The third round brought out the know-it-alls and all the teams scored big, though none could top the poultry in motion of Denim Chicken, winners of all three rounds and the game. Congrats!

We’ll be back in action (with a new video cord!) next Tuesday night at Hayter’s & Co. in LoDo — hope to see you there!

Denim Chicken

The Other Team
Whatchoo Talkin’ Bout, Willis? and Jager Chance
Team Brown

Hayter’s & Co – LoDo November 24, 2010

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Those of us who DID NOT score tickets to see Roger Waters/Pink Floyd managed to still have a good time Tuesday night by stretching our brains with Buzzwordz trivia at Hayter’s.

Team Hayter returned to single-handedly challenge the intelligence cluster of Team Spartans and the Bitch Hunter think tank, taking it to the hoop on every sports-related question.

Team Worm Weasels tried to make it happen in Rounds I and II but bowed out at the Buzz Beater, promising to return next week when their brains recovered.  Hayter and Spartans were neck-and-neck through Round I but couldn’t touch Bitch Hunter, who scored a perfect round and delicious, delicious alcohol.

Round II was a challenge for all the teams; I guess all we know about turkeys is that they taste good.  Still Hayter and Spartans slugged it out for 2nd place as once again Bitch Hunter regulated. Shots! Shots! Shots!

Spartans suited up for Round III, determined to wrest victory from the clutches of Bitch Hunter.  They were strong, they were smart, they put distance between themselves and Hayter, and rallied.  Bitch Hunter, however, would not be denied.

Winning every Round, the Game and [probably] a nice hangover was Bitch Hunter, with Team Spartans picking up the 2nd place prize.  Great game, everyone – hope to see you next week for the rematch!

Team Hayter

Team Spartans

Team Bitch Hunters

Hayter’s & Co November 17, 2010

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The kooky weather must have prevented more teams from joining in the fun at the first-ever Buzzwords trivia night at Hayter’s in LoDo, but Team Hayter, Schady and Team Lauren were live and in effect, enjoying cold brew and hot sweet potato tots — yes, they are as good as you are imagining right now!

Although Team Hayter put up a good fight and Schady gave their best, Team Lauren walked away with Round One..and Round Two (narrowly defeating Team Hayter in a tie-breaker).  Round Three found Team Lauren once again dominating; game, set, match.

The food is delicious, the drinks cool and the trivia is HOT at Hayters & Co. Tuesday nights in LoDo — hope to see you there next week!