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Lazy Dog–02/22/12 February 24, 2012

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Teams: JON, Jim, PS I Love You, Stroup, FMR, The Red Heads, Vibrating Tubes of Gun Barrel, Giraffe and Emersyn.

Despite hurricane force winds blowing down off the mountains, nine intrepid teams braved the elements to wage a battle of wits during Buzzwordz trivia at the Lazy Dog in Erie. Team Jim and FMR were battling it out for the lead early, but the Vibrating Tubes of Gun Barrel were not far behind. Team Giraffe had the best animal-themed hat of the night, but it wasn’t enough to get them the win. At the end of the 3rd Round, it was FMR and the Vibrating Tubes battling it out with the Tubes eventually claiming victory.

We’ll be back at the Lazy Dog on Wednesday at 7pm for another night of Buzzwordz Trivia. Hope to see you there!


Lazy Dog–Budweiser GRILL! January 29, 2012

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Fun times at the Lazy Dog this week! We gave away a Budweiser grill as our prize. Some assembly required but it looked pretty sweet. We had a -way tie in the first round between BDT, FMR, and Polaris Breach. FMR stole the show for the rest of the game, coming out on top and scoring the sweet grill.

Next week we are giving away some awesome Broncos folding chairs so come join us!!

Lazy Dog – BUDWEISER Cooler Anyone? January 19, 2012

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If you’re in need of a cooler then you should probably play trivia at the Lazy Dog. Last week we gave away a sweet Broncos cooler and this week we gave away…a BUDWEISER cooler on wheels with an Ipod hookup! Pretty sweet! Oh and it gets better–next week we give away a GRILL BABY! I’m very excited about this even though I will not be in the running for any prizes.

This week the teams were neck and neck most of the time. 6 Guys came in first in the first round but said they were “disappointed in their performance” for the rest of the night. Even though they came in second overall. The Hosers came in first in Round 2 and tied with Team 24  for first in round 3. Overall the Hosers came out on top and rolled away the beautiful Budweiser cooler.


Lazy Dog–Broncos Cooler Anyone? December 30, 2011

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I had the chance to sub at Lazy Dog last night. It’s where our Benchwarmers location used to be so it was good to be back. While there weren’t round by round prizes, there was one super sweet prize at the end–A Broncos cooler! At the end of the night it was the QWhiz that came out on top, followed closely by the Special Ed’s. Well done all!

QWhiz was in it to win it and they did just that!