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Wednesday at the Buffalo Wild Wings Academy December 1, 2011

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Buzzwordz live trivia game with Host Jamie and Bartender Sarah had seen the return of reigning teams of past.  This week a subdued craziness overtook all that entered. Congratulations to all our participants who came and showed their might: Team Jesse Miller, Team Harry B, Team P-Nub, Team Salt and Pepper, Team Texas Boys, and Team Lars. Hope to see you all round the hive again real soon. As for our placing teams I’ve already been assured of their return to the arena of funk. The Dudes won first place with Team Jenron coming in second and Team Just Me a very close third. Congratulations and thank you.

Many of you have commented to me how much more difficult playing is without the use of TV’s, moreover, how you all don’t have the same experience without the visual aids. So next week I will do my utmost best to bring in my own screen to place behind me for all of you enjoy Buzz.

The Dudes

Team Jenron

Team Lars


Buffalo Wild Wings Wednesdays November 26, 2011

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Your Bartender Sarah and Host Jamie

Gaining even more popularity than before seen is Buzzwordz Trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings Academy on Wednesdays at 8 with Jamie.  Nobody can resist. The teams multiply weekly. Thank you Team Becce, Team Reed, Team Mevan, Team Best of the Best of the Best, The Tool, and Team Culver Sux for a great show of brain sweat. Good times! Congratulations to Team Smoking Section for bringing in their first bronze, Team Back Street Boys for bringing in their first silver and Team Kristine for bringing in their first gold. Good job everyone. Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgivings.  And don’t forget anyone has a chance to win free food every Wednesday at 8PM.

Team Kristine

Team Back Street Boys

Team Smoking Section

The Tool

Team Becce

Your Bartender and Host



Buffalo Wild Wings Academy with Jamie on Wednesday @ 8PM November 18, 2011

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After brief stint at Lazy Lube  BW3’s was back with audio smackin trivia this week, and what a close game it was with fiveteams swapping spit, errr, the lead the entire time.  Thanks Team Sam, Team Pedro, Team Sloth, Team CU Suckers and Team Bob/Tina for showing off their enormous craniums. Do those things have radar?  Congratulations to Team Yankee Southerner and Cheesebread for pulling off their first and very anticipated placement this week. Coming in Second right out of left field was Team Vikings.  Too bad they’re loosing a vibrant member of their team next week.  Substitution!  And last but not least the golden knob goes to The Dude(s).  We look forward to utilizing B-dubbs brand spankingly revamped video delivery system. Thank you for your support.  And don’t forget to bring your yearbooks next weeks.

Until next time,


Team Y.S.C.

Team Bob&Tina

The Dude(s)

Wild Wings Wednesdays Buffalo Style with Jamie October 27, 2011

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When the weight of the snow collapsed the one section of the roof and those two tables and that waitress where trapped I thought the evening was over!  But I was wrong.  No obstacle natural or man made was gonna stop the steam of all our buzzwords teams this Wednesday.  The toppling power of ten teams made for a memorable session of trivia.  The competition was stiff and the beer was flowing.  Team Bamf, Team Pinky Loves Wrath, The Dude, Team Matt H., Team Ponies, Team Golden Tees, Team Hittle, Team D. Haze, Team Blood Suckers and Team More Snow thanks for coming out and making a snow day a lot warmer. Congratulations to Team Bamf for scoring 3rd place, Team Golden Tees for 2nd and Team More Snow for 1st!  If it wasn’t for the noisy needy people trapped underneath the rubble  of the roof collapse we could have actually danced that conga line with the lovely Caitlynn.  And I know you boys wanted to.  Next Wednesday there will be the Argentinian woman’s ice skating team doing armpit checks on all the late comers, stragglers and brainiacs.  Don’t miss out.  Thanks you guys. -Jamie

Team Blood Suckers

Team Blood Suckers

Team Golden Tees
Team Golden Tees

Team The Dude
The Dude

Team Bamf
Team Bamf

Team More Snow
Team More Snow



Buffalo Wild Wings Wednesday Nights, Colorado Springs October 6, 2011

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Wednesdays at the North Academy BW3’s are now going to be fueled with heat, hotter than hot.  Quiver people quiver because your new host is gonna light the night on fire.  Freeze those knees my chickadees because Jamie is in the place and he is on the case.  First night for the new host was memorable?   Yesterday’s frog will be tomorrows prince of Buzzwordz trivia!  Always look forward to a magic mountain flow of brain busters for the dizzy masses.

Thank you to all the groups coming out and showing strength.  Long time players No NWO down from Thornton made the curtain call.   Taking home the bronze The Dude showed exactly what just one Caucasian on the rocks is capable of.  Big Ben and associates from Zombie is climbing up the buzzwordz ladder placing even higher than last week.  Jenron ye ole local yokels flaunting the gold they are becoming accustomed to.  Who will challenge?  Gotta play to win!

Good luck next Wednesday.