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Rock Bottom–Holy Crap so that’s the new IKEA July 31, 2011

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Although I didn’t go in, the new IKEA is right next to Rock Bottom, where I had the fortunate opportunity to sub this week. Man is that thing big and ugly!

The Rock Bottom crew was very friendly and we had a lovely three rounds. Math Nerds came in first for round 1 so they decided to stick around, which led to them taking second overall. Team Steve stole rounds 2, 3 and won first for the night, winning them a sweet $25 tab to RB. Close behind our leaders were saved by the beer, Pete and Tom, Faceplant, and Mike’s Hard lemonade. Well done everyone!

Mellow Mushroom Centennial: I might need a raise…… June 9, 2011

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Greatings ‘Shroomers.

I really like my job as a Trivia Host. It is s fun way to decompress after a long week at my real, mortgage paying job.  I was a little surprised last night when I checked in with the terrific staff at Mellow Mushroom that a party of 30, let me repeat that. 30 people had reserved tables in an area where they could drink beer cheaply and have fun playing trivia.

I thought it was a prank for me and the bar. As is not unusual, I was wrong. @ 6:45, 30 interns from #### showed up and played with the usual large number of teams., combining for an incredible number of teams for the entire night.

I informed the interns that they could only have 6 per team. One of them quickly added up that it would require 5 separate teams. (I’m  glad that college education has paid for itself. Their parents must be so proud) 

We started right at 7:00, but due to the number of teams we ran later than usual. This plays havoc on my much-needed beauty rest.  Round one had a two-way tie between two of the intern teams, Dynasty and Niagara. A very long Rock-Paper-Sissors battle saw the outcome go to Dynasty. There was much joy and Hi-5’s and beer cheers after the round.

The regular teams buckled down and showed the young’ uns how this game is played. A three-way tie between Cornfed, Smart Cookie and Muddy Flappers went into overtime to  determine the winner. Because of the three teams and the time involved, I stuck to the script and used the traditional tie breaker question. Muddy Flapper knows about water apparently. They were very close to the exact answer and took the round.

The end results were as follows: Muddy Flappers in first. Newbie Cornfed in 2nd, and Smart Cookie in third. Although I thought I was going to get to keep the 2nd place gift certificate after Cornfed paid their bill and left before I could give them their hard-won prize.

Somewhere in the bottom were late arrival Pedro, Extreme, Napalm, Smarties and Bits, just to name a few.

I hope the interns found a new home for cheep beer and fun trivia. I would normally say, “Tell your friends.” But, I’m not sure we could squeeze in any more players without upsetting the Centennial FD.

Until next week.


Mellow Mushroom Centennial: Yippee Ki Yay June 3, 2011

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Greetings ‘Shroomers.

Two weeks in a row with beautiful weather. Who’d a thunk it?

Another large group of teams played this week. But we had enough room in the bar and dining area that nobody had to be out in the patio where they cannot read the TV.

We had a two-way tie for first out of 11 teams with another team right behind them. Both Smart Cookie and Pluckers pitched a perfect round, scoring 10 out of 10 points. Even the Email Bonus Question. Kermit was right behind them with 9.

Special Happy Birthday shout out to both Karla and Richard. Thanks for the ‘Gift.’


Round 2 went to Smart Cookie with a relatively comfortable 3 point win over Kermit, Homestead Homies and Pluckers. Tail end Charlie this round was Sailor Jerry.


The final outcome went to Pluckers, with a 2 point victory over Kermit and Smart Cookie in third. Pluckers used excellent Spanish knowledge in the Buzz Beater question to seal the deal.


Until next Wednesday, don’t forget to try the $10.00 bucket of Sessions or domestic beers every time we play trivia at Mellow Mushroom.’


Mellow Mushroom Centennial: “I’ll Be Back” May 27, 2011

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Hello ‘Shroomers.

For the first time in weeks it was not raining on Wednesday night. That meant the patio was open for business. We had players everywhere. The bar, the dining area and the far corner where they had to get up to see the TV screen that had the questions. If we get too many more teams, we may have to figure out how to get another TV hooked up.

Round 1 saw a strong  game with 3 teams finish with 8 points. Pluckers won the Tie-Breaker over 22 Mathews and Smart Cookie. Codak was right behind with 7 points. As did BobSkizum, who were celebrating a family wedding this week. Good Luck with that.

Round 2 Saw Smart Cookie take another one point win over the Pluckers. Extreme was third, with a

two-way tie for 4th between 22 Mathews and Go Thunder.

The end of the game was tight as always. Pluckers took home the 1st Place gift card. Smart Cookie right behind them for second and Extreme with the last card to use next week. Go Thunder lost the game on TV and the chance to win the final gift card.

Make sure you get there early next and every Wednesday for the 7:00 show to make sure you get a table that can see the TV screen. Enjoy the $10.00 Sessions buckets or a bucket of Domestic beers while you wait for the game to start.

Mellow Mushroom: Trivia in Slow Motion May 19, 2011

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Hello my fellow ‘Shroomers.

I think I will become a weatherman. For the past 6 Wednesdays, I have brought rain 5 out of the 6 nights I have hosted trivia.  I know we can use the rain, but this is the greater Denver Colorado area. Not Seattle.

One question in the first round  was about Chandler on ‘Friends’ and one of his favorite pastimes. All I will say is that David Hasselhoff is not only the wrong answer, but a terrible wrong answer.

Smart Cookie won the tie-breaker between Swimmy Kimmy and Harris for the victory and the free desert that goes to the first round victor. Team Awesome, they usually stick around for the first set of questions, brought up the back of the large pack of teams.

Round 2 saw yet another tie, this time between Sparkle Majic Falafel and Harris. SMF used my favorite tie-breaker, Rock Paper Scissors, to win the round and their choice of a bread appetizer, Jello Shots or a delicious dessert. Smart Cookie was in third and this time, The Girls were at the bottom rung of the team ladder.

The final results usually hinge on the Buzz Beater Question. This week, it proved to be a tough nut to crack. I had all the teams that got more correct answers on the following question than on the 8 pointer. You never know what next week will be. This week. Harris defeated all others including a tie for 2nd between Sparkle Majic Falafel and Smart Cookie.  Excellent baseball knowledge, or a terrific guess, allowed

to take 2nd and the $15.00 gift certificate.

Hopefully, next week, we can get some players out on the patio while they are watching one of the TVs. Or at least watch the sun set and not the rain fall.


Mellow Mushroom Centennial: They call me Mellow Yellow….. May 6, 2011

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Greetings my fellow ‘Shroomers.

We had another busy night at the Centennial Mellow Mushroom on Wednesday starting at 7:00. 16 teams means that I’m busier than a centipede walking through a poison ivy patch. But, being the trooper that I am, I was up for the challenge of grading your slightly incorrectly spelled answers.

But, as I say, I will not grade spelling errors as long as you don’t ding me for some of my pronunciation adventures.

The first round ended with a 2-way tie between Fluffy Bunnies of Doom and Sparkle Majic Falafel. I pulled out the classic “Rock Paper Scissors” to break the tie. The ‘Bunnies won best 2 out of 3 matches to win their choice of a bread appetizer, jello shot or desert.  Jazz  and Smarty Pants tied for third.

Round 2 saw a slight thinning of the herd but another tie that needed to be broken between Smarty Pants and J’s Team. Smarty Pants took the traditional tie-breaker this time. Team 1 and Sparkle Majic Falafel tied for third this time.  Bob (Quite the original name) was in 5th.

The end of the game saw The Smarty Pants living up to their name by winning with a 2 point victory over the dreaded Fluffy Bunnies of Doom with Sparkle Majic Falafel taking the third place gift certificate.

The crowds are really picking up at Mellow Mushroom. Just a reminder that you need to see the host for a table. I don’t know if it’s Buzzwordz Trivia or the great food and drinks served, but

is the place to be on Wednesdays.


Mellow Mushroom: G’day Mate. April 29, 2011

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Hello my fellow ‘Shroomers. Once again we had a busy action packed set of games that was not decided until the very end. I tried to throw a curve ball at the end of game one, but it did not faze the two teams involved.

We ended Round 1 with a tie for first between Something Stupid and Gob Bluth. Rather than use the Tie Breaker question, I pulled out my old standby for ties: A quick game of quarters. First one to get the quarter in the shot glass wins. That honor went to Gob Bluth. Switchero took third and Barry White’s Mustache tied for 4th with Poundng Grape.

Wait until I figure out how to incorporate Beer Pong.

Round 2 had a 2-way tie between Sparkle Majic Falafel and Bob Gluth. the ‘Gluths took this round again using excellent “Beach’ knowledge to help them win their choice of  great menu prizes. Switchero was in third again with Pounding Grapes in 4th.

The end of the game had Bob Gluth eek out a one point win over Switchero, with Sparkle Majic Falafel earning the bronze.

With the NBA and NHL Playoffs, and the (1st Place!) Rockies on all the TVs, Mellow Mushroom is a great place to hang out on Wednesdays with  $10.00 buckets of Domestic or Sessions beers while playing Buzzwordz Trivia.

See you at 7:00 next Wednesday.


Old Chicago Centennial: Juke Box Hero April 22, 2011

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Greetings my OC patrons.

I get a little nervous when I have to fill in for my fellow Hosts. Will I find the bar, will the staff and players like me? Will I mess up the setup for the night?

Will someone play the Jukebox in the middle of the game and blow out eardrums?

I now have all the answers to the above questions.

We started the night with a nice group of teams. And unlike many bars, everyone stayed for all three rounds. The first set went to In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash. In baseball terms, they pitched a perfect game. It helps that they had 6 players on their team. Redneck was right behind with 9 points. The only difference between paying for a free appetizer and having to pay for it was the Email Bonus Question.  Don’t forget to submit them folks. We do not sell them to a Spammer. We promise. Gov’t Shutdown was in third and a tie for 4th between Cuervo Cactus and Mommy’s Night Off.

Round 2 saw the incredible performance of IGWTAOPC continue. This time, they got one answer incorrect. That’s it. I think they should split their team up or OC should include some physical activity with the trivia. That might slow them down. Gov’t Shutdown was in second and Redneck took third.

The final round had In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash cruise to a 13 point victory over Gov’t Shutdown with Redneck earning the Bronze. 

Thanks, for letting me cover for you Teri.


Mellow Mushroom–Centennial: Back on the Blog! April 13, 2011

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Trivia at the Mellow Mushroom–Centennial has been a Wednesday tradition for about a month now, but it’s time to welcome it back to the blog. Nine teams turned out for the fun here at the Mellow, including many regulars who come back every week to enjoy the fantastic pizza (you know you want some too).

Today we welcomed our new regular host, Brent, as well as trainee Deanna (that’s me) hosting the second round (and taking a break from playing, unfortunately). Thanks to all our teams’ enthusiasm, we made it through a few equipment issues and had a fun, and close, game for appetizers, desserts, jello-shots, and gift cards.

While I put on the Rocky theme, let’s look at our competitors this week: Shameless, Something Stupid, Ebeneezer Geezer, Card Sharks, Sparkle Magic Falafel, Fireballs, Switcheroo, Team CC, and Underage.

The first round ended with Something Stupid, Sparkle Magic Falafel, and Fireballs facing off in a three-way tie with Fireballs taking the tie-breaker and the round.

Second round winner was Something Stupid with the third round going to Switcheroo.

It was very close, but in the end, Shameless came in third, Something Stupid in second, and Switcheroo in first, tonight’s winners.

I hope to see all your beautiful faces next Wednesday for more of the Mellow’s fabulous trivia! (And feel free to join us tomorrow at OC’s Arapahoe Crossing and Woody’s Woodfired Pizza–where I will be hosting for the first time–for more trivia!) Ciao!

Mellow Mushroom March 25, 2011

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What a crazy night! Spring break brought out a large crowd which ALMOST made me go crazy! But it was a blast! Teams Runners Up, John Ritter Chop Squad, Love Roller Coaster, Purple Haze, Smarty Pants, Pluggers, Team Charlie, Motley Crew, The Monkeys, The American, and The Boy Bartender is Sexy (this was actually Josh’s brother! haha!) all had a blast but not everyone can be winners, although everyone was super close! It was a close game! Round 1 winner was Ohh! Coins! (I prefer the team name “Matt Groves vs The World” but he preferred this) and he gave me a bite of his brownie sundae! Yum! Round 2 winners were Sparkle Magic Falafel which was awesome for them since they were late! Third place goes to Something Stupid, second place goes to Ohh! Coins!, and first place went to Team Awesome! Thanks everyone for playing!

Something Stupid

Team CharlieOhh! Coins!!

Smarty Pants

John Ritter Chop Squad

Love Roller Coaster

Purple Haze

Motley Crew

The American

Sparkle Magic Falafel

Runners Up