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Wednesday at the Buffalo Wild Wings Academy December 1, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Buffalo Wild Wings, Buzzwordz Trivia, CO, Colorado Springs, Jamie DeCaria.

Buzzwordz live trivia game with Host Jamie and Bartender Sarah had seen the return of reigning teams of past.  This week a subdued craziness overtook all that entered. Congratulations to all our participants who came and showed their might: Team Jesse Miller, Team Harry B, Team P-Nub, Team Salt and Pepper, Team Texas Boys, and Team Lars. Hope to see you all round the hive again real soon. As for our placing teams I’ve already been assured of their return to the arena of funk. The Dudes won first place with Team Jenron coming in second and Team Just Me a very close third. Congratulations and thank you.

Many of you have commented to me how much more difficult playing is without the use of TV’s, moreover, how you all don’t have the same experience without the visual aids. So next week I will do my utmost best to bring in my own screen to place behind me for all of you enjoy Buzz.

The Dudes

Team Jenron

Team Lars


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