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Buffalo Wild Wings Academy with Jamie on Wednesday @ 8PM November 18, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Buffalo Wild Wings, Buzzwordz Trivia, City, Colorado Springs, Host, Jamie DeCaria.

After brief stint at Lazy Lube  BW3’s was back with audio smackin trivia this week, and what a close game it was with fiveteams swapping spit, errr, the lead the entire time.  Thanks Team Sam, Team Pedro, Team Sloth, Team CU Suckers and Team Bob/Tina for showing off their enormous craniums. Do those things have radar?  Congratulations to Team Yankee Southerner and Cheesebread for pulling off their first and very anticipated placement this week. Coming in Second right out of left field was Team Vikings.  Too bad they’re loosing a vibrant member of their team next week.  Substitution!  And last but not least the golden knob goes to The Dude(s).  We look forward to utilizing B-dubbs brand spankingly revamped video delivery system. Thank you for your support.  And don’t forget to bring your yearbooks next weeks.

Until next time,


Team Y.S.C.

Team Bob&Tina

The Dude(s)



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