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Wild Wings Wednesdays Buffalo Style with Jamie October 27, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Buffalo Wild Wings, Buzzwordz Trivia, CO, Colorado Springs, Jamie DeCaria.

When the weight of the snow collapsed the one section of the roof and those two tables and that waitress where trapped I thought the evening was over!  But I was wrong.  No obstacle natural or man made was gonna stop the steam of all our buzzwords teams this Wednesday.  The toppling power of ten teams made for a memorable session of trivia.  The competition was stiff and the beer was flowing.  Team Bamf, Team Pinky Loves Wrath, The Dude, Team Matt H., Team Ponies, Team Golden Tees, Team Hittle, Team D. Haze, Team Blood Suckers and Team More Snow thanks for coming out and making a snow day a lot warmer. Congratulations to Team Bamf for scoring 3rd place, Team Golden Tees for 2nd and Team More Snow for 1st!  If it wasn’t for the noisy needy people trapped underneath the rubble  of the roof collapse we could have actually danced that conga line with the lovely Caitlynn.  And I know you boys wanted to.  Next Wednesday there will be the Argentinian woman’s ice skating team doing armpit checks on all the late comers, stragglers and brainiacs.  Don’t miss out.  Thanks you guys. -Jamie

Team Blood Suckers

Team Blood Suckers

Team Golden Tees
Team Golden Tees

Team The Dude
The Dude

Team Bamf
Team Bamf

Team More Snow
Team More Snow





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