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Buffalo Wild Wings Wednesday Nights, Colorado Springs October 6, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Buffalo Wild Wings, Buzzwordz Trivia, Colorado Springs, Jamie DeCaria.

Wednesdays at the North Academy BW3’s are now going to be fueled with heat, hotter than hot.  Quiver people quiver because your new host is gonna light the night on fire.  Freeze those knees my chickadees because Jamie is in the place and he is on the case.  First night for the new host was memorable?   Yesterday’s frog will be tomorrows prince of Buzzwordz trivia!  Always look forward to a magic mountain flow of brain busters for the dizzy masses.

Thank you to all the groups coming out and showing strength.  Long time players No NWO down from Thornton made the curtain call.   Taking home the bronze The Dude showed exactly what just one Caucasian on the rocks is capable of.  Big Ben and associates from Zombie is climbing up the buzzwordz ladder placing even higher than last week.  Jenron ye ole local yokels flaunting the gold they are becoming accustomed to.  Who will challenge?  Gotta play to win!

Good luck next Wednesday.



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