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Old Chicago Arapahoe Crossings August 21, 2011

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Thursday nights are wonderful nights to be at Old Chicago. There is good food, great people, and of course great beer. We had Huff, D&D, And Now For Something Completely Different, Bainz, Barbie, Marjan, and Amish Electricians joining in on the second round.  And Now For Something Completely Different took the first two rounds as well as first place for the game. D&D took second place with the Amish Electricians taking third.


And Now For Something Completely Different

Rock Bottom August 21, 2011

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Wednesday night was my first night at Rock Bottom. It was a great night! I have never been there, and I’ve got to say: that is a very nice bar! We had Fubpuckers, Dive Rats, Rock the Casbah, Presteige World Wide, Andy (aka Serial Killer), The Naysayers, C-Team, and Kuz — with the last two teams joining in on the third round. We had a three way tie for the first round between Rock the Casbah, The Naysayers, and Andy with Rock the Casbah taking round one and the $5 tab.  The Naysayers took round two with an almost perfect round. For the game, The Naysayers took first with C-Team taking second.

Old Chicago Arapahoe Crossings Loves the Broncos August 14, 2011

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As everyone was aware, Thursday night marked the return of football! Which meant a packed bar and lots of beer flowing. We had a unique night in the fact that we only did trivia during commercial breaks and played two rounds instead of three. Everyone was very patient with my running up and down the bar countless times to switch over the music. We had a lot of new faces this week. There was The Flying Hellfish, Unforgetables, Clubfoot Ballstars, Commercial Winners, Team JoJo, Buehler…Buehler, Wicso, Club B, PatDen Team, Double D’s, and Speghetti Cookie. Buehler…Buehler won round one and took first place for the night. Club B took second place for the game. We had to enter into a 3-way tie breaker for third place between Wisco, Spaghetti Cookie, and Clubfoot Ballstars with Wisco taking the third place prize.

Jose O’Shea’s! August 9, 2011

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Huge night at Jose O’Shea’s and it was a TON of fun!

The Butler Did It took home Round 1 and Round 2!   Jennifernilla and Team Winning were always biting at their ankles, just a point or two behind.

In the end, The Butler Did It & Smarty Pants took home the Jose O’Shea’s giftcards!!

The highlight of the night, for me anyway, was the awesome unicorn drawings done by none other than Awesome Unicorn!  Check them out!

Big Papas BBQ: On the Night Shift….. August 5, 2011

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Greetings my Big Papas BBQer/Trivia Players.

With the smell of delicious smoked meat throughout the restaurant, we began our night with some very competitive teams vying for the chance to hold the valuable trophy, the Trivia Cup, if you are looking for a name for it. After three tightly fought rounds, only one team raised the cup to glory.

Here are the results:

Round 1 ended with a tie between Smart Cookie and Archie Poo. Using knowledge about Rosanne Barr, (No, seriously) allowed Smart Cookie to win the free shots that goes to each Round Winner. Long Island Expressway, was right behind the two tied teams.

The next round saw a mirror image of the first one. This time, the L.I.E ended up with the most points. Smart Cookie was in second and Archie Poo third. Off in the distance was No Name and  Are Yu Kidding ME.

Using the points of the Buzz Beater Question, allowed Smart Cookie to come roaring back after a very

shaky start to the third round to tie L.I.E for the game. The Cookies then used their education information to win the tie-breaker question and claim the overall victory and earn their right to pose with the trophy.

Rock Bottom Centennial! August 4, 2011

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What a great atmosphere at Rock Bottom Brewery in Centennial! We had lots of teams, one of which decided to change their name mid game! Muffins, aka Nips and Tatties, Won both rounds 2 and 3! Fred and Tracy held it down, especially when it came down to the Buzz Beater in the third round. Tim was flying solo, and did great in the third round! Celtic II came into the equation a little late, but they sure held on. Shoemaker was doing great, but they had to make like a banana and split a little early. Dive Rats were pretty good at some of the niche questions asked! Over all though the game went to Nips and Tatties, congratulations guys!

Urban Sombrero! August 4, 2011

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What a great time I have had filling in at Urban Sombrero! Some intelligent regulars hang out there, and this week the team with the birthday boy took home the cake! A couple of fellas at the bar, Salt and Pepper, held strong through out the game. For the first time since I have been hosting at Urban Sombrero, Vandalay Industries, was dethroned. It was nearly a photo finish though! Old Miter was having a great birthday, and the fact that he knew all about Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure didn’t hurt in round three! Me always does great, but with the addition of a team mate J and Me went further than Me has done on his own! Nice job guys!

Tuesday night at Jose O’Shea’s! August 4, 2011

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Coors Light and Sauza margarita deals for everyone!!!  Oh yeah and free Kamikaze shots too!

Well free Kamikaze shots for the round winners 🙂

Blackout took the first round and Team Winning took round two.  In the end, the teams were neck and neck and Team Winning won the tiebreaker!