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Rock Bottom–Holy Crap so that’s the new IKEA July 31, 2011

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Although I didn’t go in, the new IKEA is right next to Rock Bottom, where I had the fortunate opportunity to sub this week. Man is that thing big and ugly!

The Rock Bottom crew was very friendly and we had a lovely three rounds. Math Nerds came in first for round 1 so they decided to stick around, which led to them taking second overall. Team Steve stole rounds 2, 3 and won first for the night, winning them a sweet $25 tab to RB. Close behind our leaders were saved by the beer, Pete and Tom, Faceplant, and Mike’s Hard lemonade. Well done everyone!

Big Papa’s BBQ: Somebody get me a moist towelette July 29, 2011

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Howdy Folks

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am now hosting Trivia at Big Papas’ BBQ in Littleton every Thursday nights at 7:00.

The games are always competitive. And the BBQ is even better.


Old reliable Smart Cookie made the journey to my new home, and promptly introduced themselves to the regular crowd that there was indeed, a new sheriff in town. However, Meat and 2 Sides was a semi regular at my old place too. They kept up with the Cookies for the first round. tying them and only missing the tie breaker by 32. (if you are familiar with most of our tie-breaker questions, you know that’s a pretty tight contest. Awesome, ( Lets get creative with the names. Boring names are, well, boring) was in third. NoName and Voldermont’s Nipple (Now that’s a name) rounded out the top teams.

The second round was incredible. For the first time ever, not only did we have a tie at the end, but the tie breaker question was the same between Smart Cookie and Meat and 2 sides. I wonder how often that has happened in the history of Buzzwordz? In the spirit of good sportsmanship, The Cookies gave the round to the 2 sides. If only the fine folks in DC could get along as well.

The last round had the same two teams battle back and forth. Usually the Buzz Beater question separates the winners from the losers. Not this time. Both teams pretty much wiffed on their D-1 college football knowledge. In the end, Meat and 2 Sides edged out the Smart Cookies  for the win. Shot Takers were next and Voldermonts Nipple after them.

Remember, delicious BBQ, lots of TVs, trivia all add up to a good time at Big Papa’s in Littleton.

Until next week




Jose O’Shea’s on Chelsea’s Birthday! July 26, 2011

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Tonight was a blast & I think everyone agrees 🙂

We had some awesome trivia questions and even more awesome teams that came out to play!  The recent stormy weather has been influencing our team names I see… Grease Lightening, Summer Rain, and Thunder & Lightening were all in the house.  We also had My Little Sweet, The Birthday Brigade (hi Mom!), Villains, OKC, The Short Bus, Merwan, Line 2, and Team Tickle all competing for Kamikaze shots, T-shirts and the Gift Certificates!  In the end, Blackout came in 2nd taking home a $15 Gift Certificate to Jose O’Shea’s and champions Demasculators took home the big $25 Gift Certificate!

In lieu of all the fun, I believe the real winner of the night was myself…. It was my “twenty something” birthday and an AWESOME trivia participant guessed I was turning 19!!  I’ll take it! 😀

Second Place Winners! - Blackout

First Place Winners! - Demasculators

See everyone out at Jose O’Shea’s next Tuesday!!!

Tuesday Night Trivia at Jose O’Shea’s! July 20, 2011

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Wooohoooo!!! We kicked off Tuesday night at Jose O’Shea’s in Lakewood!  Lots of trivia, lots of Sauza margaritas and lots of fun!!

Round One winners Free Tacos Eaters won a round of shots and Round Two winners The Short Bus got a free appetizer and took home some sweet t-shirts!  Blackout, West Coast Kids, Morning Wood, Black & Tans, Team Nasty, Prestige World Wide, Dakota Desperados, K-Dog, Heavyweights and Jill all put up a great fight, however The Short Bus and Merwan took home the glory!  Glory being $25 and $15 Jose O’Shea’s gift cards!!!

First Place Winners - The Short Bus

Thanks everyone for coming to our first night at Jose O’shea’s!  Make sure to come back each and every week!  Coors and Suaza will be sending some SWEET prizes our way!!  Think SNOWBOARDS!  See you there 😉

Biggest Woody’s Trivia Night So Far! July 16, 2011

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This week’s round of Buzzwordz Trivia was BIG! We had fourteen teams and a double tie breaker in the second round when The Refs and Oui Oui both had the same answer. We had a lot of new participants including  Ganja Babe, Scotty, Full House, and Harpua’s Nutbag. A three-way second place tie between  Jeff PCMT, Nine Spot, and Harpua’s Nutbag resulted in Jeff PCMT winning second place! We welcomed back teams Building 7, and  Jeepers Creepers from a short hiatus. In the end, Oui Oui took home the gold with a total of 45 points!

Old Chicago Arapahoe Crossings July 10, 2011

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What a great week! We had an absolutely amazing turn out — the most teams I have seen yet. There were (are you ready for this?): Murphy, I (heart) Blue Moon, Supa Dupa, Banana Hammock, mmm…beer, There’s an Ointment for That, Team Walker Texas Ranger, 2 Guys and a Girl, Debt Ceiling Fans, Wisco Slick Ninjas, Dilligaf, Honey Badger, I Pay Midgets to Go Upon Me, Stu & Liz, Not AFB, Jungle Love, Late to the Party, and The Boys From Denver. Supa Dupa took first place for round 1, There’s an Ointment for That took the free appetizer for round 2, There’s an Ointment for That took first place overall, Supa Dupa took second place overall, and Debt Ceiling Fans took third place for the game. It was so wonderful to have this many teams play. As I told you on Thursday, I better see you all next week!

Late to the Party

3/4 of team Dilligaf
Debt Ceiling Fans
Honey Badger
Jungle Love
2 Guys and a Girl
I Pay Midgets to Go Upon Me

Woody’s Wood Fired Tavern! July 10, 2011

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This was the HIGHEST scoring game of trivia I have EVER hosted! Nine teams competed AND all nine completed the game. The kings of trivia at Woody’s were nearly de-throned, but that will have to wait for another battle. A tie breaker in round 2 between Cylons and Claude Bawls resulted in a round of shots for Claude Bawls. Building 7, a team constructed of a few regulars and the occasional recruited stranger, have been picking up a lot of steam in the last few weeks. Glendale’s Finest were unfortunately not Buzzwordz’ finest, but they have next week to rewrite the story. Scoring over fifty points, Claude Bawls took home the glory of first, followed VERY closely by Just Put Something.

UBB–sub love July 5, 2011

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I had the wonderful opportunity to sub for Barb this week at Uptown Brothers Bar. Such a lovely bunch!

Team Some Guy/Some Girl scored big time, winning round 1 and a round of shots, as well as overall for the $25 UBB. Not too bad for a 2-person team! Round 2 saw a huge leap from the Klingons. In the end, My Mom thinks I’m smart  and Rock Chalk battled it out for second place in the game. Good job to all, hope to join you again!

Get in the Trivia Groove at Woody’s Wood-Fired Tavern! July 1, 2011

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Woody’s Wood-Fired Tavern on Evans was PACKED for Trivia on Thursday night. 6 teams competed for some great Woody’s gift certificates and some shots! Care Bear Stare stepped up to the challenge this week, but there can only be one and Hairy Poodini took home the grand prize. We had some players new to trivia, Rockie’s Blew It and The Dukes and they both scored high. Jeepers Creepers kept it close the whole game, just narrowly losing the third round. Way to get your groove on at Woody’s Wood-Fired Tavern!