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Flah Flah Floh Fly June 16, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Barbara Dittert, Denver, CO, Uptown Brothers.

Did you guys know that there are diapers that are designed to look like jeans?  I know that is totally random… I am just up late at night watching Family Ties, the commercial came on, what am I to do?

The good old fashioed Uptown Brothers Crew! If I snapped this pic about 1 minute earlier, you would have been pretty embarrassed.


Mister on the right- you look like someone famous and it is really bothering me. It is also bothering me that I can't remember your name. How rude of me. I am sorry! It is late!!


Man-Date... Kissy kissy!!!! I hope you got some! By the way, thanks for giving my shots away after the second round. Don't you realize you never actually win? I am just using you for free booze?


I forgot to tell you where the info from that Sex and the City question came from... it is Businessreview.com



Funny, when I Google Imaged Turd, this is the 1st thing that came up!

And on that note, good night to all you Turds out there!



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