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Oc in Superior! Yay, Trivia! June 9, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Jessica Austgen, Old Chicago-Superior, Superior, CO.

Okay, trivia night in Old Chicago in Superior are always rockin’ but this last Friday at OC Superior was awesome. First of all, it was Awesome 80’s Mix Tape night, so we had jammin 80’s hair band tunes all night (which was great according to some players and more like “is it bad 80’s  night here or something?” according to others). I just liked how EVERYONE knew all the words… except for poor Justin Bieber on The Spearheads, who had no clue what this crazy classic rock was about. Poor Biebs.

Also, it was the RETURN of the full Spearheads team, after their vacay in Vegas.  Welcome back, guys. No offense, but Becky and the Brady Bunch did a great job without you the previous week.

Ok, results time… (drumroll)…. The winner of Round One was The Snake Wranglers (Who drew me AMAZING pictures for every question and those awesome pics seem to have fallen out of my notebook. Crap). Second Round was a tiebreaker between Snake Wranglers, Spearheads and Steve Holt! (my players seem to have caught onto my love of Arrested Development…). The game overall ended in an AMAZING four way tie between Snake Wranglers, Kazaam, Spearheads and Last Place. Well done, everyone! Amazing trivia had by all!

The highlight of the evening, I must say, was the introduction of the Staff Question, a bonus question where I ask the players questions about their Old Chicago staff members. This weeks special question: In what year did Ben and Mary graduate High School? I’m not telling you the answers… but it was a good thing most of my players knew their servers well 🙂

Go Old C’s in Superior!



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