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Summer is here! June 8, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Barbara Dittert, Denver, CO, Uptown Brothers.
I am so happy it’s summer!!  Not only is it warm FINALLY, but all my teacher friends are back at trivia!  Hooray!!!!

Collin- thank you for representing your team in this photo. Your boy was a little unstable last night:)


This is the unstable teammate. I suspect he had more than his allotted 2 margs at Rio before he came to trivia.


Vertical Leap- I keep meaning to ask, are you a bunch of track coaches or something?


The guy on the right is part of the team too, he just isn't a fan of having his pic taken. Thanks for playing! You did well!


There he is again....


I am so happy to see you guys again! I almost didn't recognize you in your civilian attire.

Ok, well I only have 7 minutes in between breaks, and I get chatty with y’all- and I run out of time.  Then you leave before I can take the rest of your pics.  Just beware of becoming my Facebook friend.  Sometimes I like to steal embarrassing pics off your page and post them here if I don’t have one of you from the evening.  Like this one Mehran…






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