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Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? June 1, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Barbara Dittert, Denver, CO, Uptown Brothers.

Well, if you were at Uptown Brothers last night… looks like the answer is no.  Seriously.  Our winners for the first time were a group of actual children from Alabama who stumbled into the place with their parents!

Let’s take a look at the victors…

Minors have been bluured for their own protection... OK, actually my camera is kind of crappy, but this happened to work out well for me for once.

So the non-victors (aka “Losers” aka, people not as smart as 5th Graders) claim the only reason the kids won is pretty much because the kids have been learning on a fairly consistent basis, while everyone else had been depleting brain cells with booze, tobacco, and other things on a fairly consistent basis.

Let’s take a look at the rest of the crowd… Shall we??

I will see you two on June 19.., You know what I speak of...


This is a pic of the team that never lets me take a pic of them. They prefer anonymity.

A random bride broke into the liquor and drank it all.  At first we thought it was odd since it was Tuesday,

 but then we realized we were on Colfax and then it all made sense.

Ok- so I have a confession to make.  I am totally supposed to do this blogger wogger every week…. And I don’t.  Mostly because I am technologically inept and it takes me 3 hours to post a mere 3 pics up which make me want to rip my hair out.

I recently got busted for being lazy though- so expect more of my witty comments world!!!

Til next time …. The Babs

And tell me what you think of this pic of me that will be in a cocktail book soon… while I am at- I might as well promote something!!!














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