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Mellow Mushroom–fans of butt modeling June 29, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Denver, CO, Lauren Back, Mellow Mushroom-Denver.
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This week I got some pretty great feedback on my debut as a butt model. Thanks everybody! I’ll be quitting my job soon and pursuing it as a full time career.

Thank you to all the fantastic teams at Mellow Mushroom, it has been FABULOUS being your host!

Old Chicago Arapahoe Crossings June 28, 2011

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This week was  the greatest trivia week as of date. We had to go into tie breakers for every round and it got pretty intense. We had Wisco Slick Ningas, In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash, Phoenix Ashes, The High Schoolers, The Dirt Dragons, and Honey Badger. In the first round we had a tie breaker between In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash and Honey Badger with In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash taking the win for that round. Second round tie breaker was between Phoenix Ashes and Honey Badger, with Phoenix Ashes taking round two. In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash took first place overall, Honey Badger took second place, and we went into yet another tie breaker for third place between Wisco Slick Ninjas and Phoenix Ashes, with Phoenix Ashes taking the third place gift certificate. Thank you all for playing and making it an exciting and intense trivia! I hope to see you guys this week.

*My apologies for not having any pictures: my camera cord is packed away in a box. ūüė¶

Woody’s Woodfired Tavern IS trivia on Thursdays June 17, 2011

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Summer time and the livin’s easy, but the trivia isn’t so easy at Woody’s Wood-Fired Tavern! We had nine teams participate, which is the biggest group I have ever had as your trivia host! We had some late-starters as well as some early finishers but every team did great! Resident Weevil took home the grand prize, as well as the first and second round prizes. Collie Man has been coming in steady at second place the last couple of week’s and tonight they came close to taking home the prize! As always, Jerry and Norma carve out a niche with the categories they nail. JeffPCMT was our solo player who racked up as many points as some of our bigger teams, and our other solo trivia player Bazinga! came in late but hit it hard in the third round. Such a great night, and the trivia is only going to heat up as summer rolls in!

Mellow Mushroom: Batman is REAL LIFE! June 17, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Denver, CO, Lauren Back, Mellow Mushroom-Denver.
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FYI Batman DID NOT have superpowers in Batman 1. According to the geniuses that make up my trivia teams at least.And I can confirm because the other day I saw Batman singlehandedly putting out the fires in southern Colorado, no super powers involved.

This week my math skills were put to the test. Actually just kidding that’s every week. But I’ll bet I can do simple addition in my head way faster than the average American adult. God Hates Reservations¬† won the shots for round 1, but Glass house totally dominated in round 2. Also of noteworthiness was Dustin Diamond in the Rough. In the end, I’ll be honest I thought God Hates was sneaking ahead, but it was Glass House that came out on top. Good job everybody!

Flah Flah Floh Fly June 16, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Barbara Dittert, Denver, CO, Uptown Brothers.
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Did you guys know that there are diapers that are designed to look like jeans?¬† I know that is totally random… I am just up late at night watching Family Ties, the commercial came on, what am I to do?

The good old fashioed Uptown Brothers Crew! If I snapped this pic about 1 minute earlier, you would have been pretty embarrassed.


Mister on the right- you look like someone famous and it is really bothering me. It is also bothering me that I can't remember your name. How rude of me. I am sorry! It is late!!


Man-Date... Kissy kissy!!!! I hope you got some! By the way, thanks for giving my shots away after the second round. Don't you realize you never actually win? I am just using you for free booze?


I forgot to tell you where the info from that Sex and the City question came from... it is Businessreview.com



Funny, when I Google Imaged Turd, this is the 1st thing that came up!

And on that note, good night to all you Turds out there!

OC Superior: June 14, 2011

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We had a pretty great night last Friday at Old Chicago in Superior. It was a crazy night of extended family visits or something: The WHOLE Spearhead crew was present and frequent champion Harry’s (of Mark Cuban Sucks) MOM was with him and helped him kick some butt on the way to the win! Nice job, Harry’s Mom. Your family is pretty smart!

Ok, let’s rundown the stats for the night, shall we? Round One was a 3-way tie between Mark Cuban Sucks, SpearHeads FamDamily, and That’s What She Said… with TWSS for the win!

Round Two went to Mark Cuban Sucks, who also won the game overall.

The second place prize came down to a tie-breaker between My BF’s W is the Biggest and Olive Oil Tickle Fight… and MBFWitB ended up coming out on top.

Also playing we had Team Wyoming, Neurons, Mojitos, Fish &Chips, El Paso Heat, Mitchy Mitch and the Funky Bunch and Hung Like Zebras.

Old Chicago Arapahoe Crossings June 12, 2011

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We had an exciting week this week with two tie breakers. There were 9 teams: In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash, Time 2 Go, Redneck, I Need $, Team JoJo, Fear Boner, AFB, Off Constantly, and Miami Sucks. In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash took first round with no challenge, we had a three way tie breaker for the winner of second round between In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash, Fear Boner, and AFB with AFB taking the pitcher of beer. For the game In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash took first place, Fear Boner took second, and we had another tie breaker between Team JoJo and AFB with AFB taking third for the game. Nice work, everyone!


Fear Boner

Miami Sucks
Team JoJo
Time 2 Go




Oc in Superior! Yay, Trivia! June 9, 2011

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Okay, trivia night in Old Chicago in Superior are always rockin’ but this last Friday at OC Superior was awesome. First of all, it was Awesome 80’s Mix Tape night, so we had jammin 80’s hair band tunes all night (which was great according to some players and more like “is it bad 80’s¬† night here or something?” according to others). I just liked how EVERYONE knew all the words… except for poor Justin Bieber on The Spearheads, who had no clue what this crazy classic rock was about. Poor Biebs.

Also, it was the RETURN of the full Spearheads team, after their vacay in Vegas.  Welcome back, guys. No offense, but Becky and the Brady Bunch did a great job without you the previous week.

Ok, results time… (drumroll)…. The winner of Round One was The Snake Wranglers (Who drew me AMAZING pictures for every question and those awesome pics seem to have fallen out of my notebook. Crap). Second Round was a tiebreaker between Snake Wranglers, Spearheads and Steve Holt! (my players seem to have caught onto my love of Arrested Development…). The game overall ended in an AMAZING four way tie between Snake Wranglers, Kazaam, Spearheads and Last Place. Well done, everyone! Amazing trivia had by all!

The highlight of the evening, I must say, was the introduction of the Staff Question, a bonus question where I ask the players questions about their Old Chicago staff members. This weeks special question: In what year did Ben and Mary graduate High School? I’m not telling you the answers… but it was a good thing most of my players knew their servers well ūüôā

Go Old C’s in Superior!

Mellow Mushroom Centennial: I might need a raise…… June 9, 2011

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I really like my job as a Trivia Host. It is s fun way to decompress after a long week at my real, mortgage paying job.  I was a little surprised last night when I checked in with the terrific staff at Mellow Mushroom that a party of 30, let me repeat that. 30 people had reserved tables in an area where they could drink beer cheaply and have fun playing trivia.

I thought it was a prank for me and the bar. As is not unusual, I was wrong. @ 6:45, 30 interns from #### showed up and played with the usual large number of teams., combining for an incredible number of teams for the entire night.

I informed the interns that they could only have 6 per team. One of them quickly added up that it would require 5 separate teams. (I’m¬† glad that college education has paid for itself. Their parents must be so proud)¬†

We started right at 7:00, but due to the number of teams we ran later than usual. This plays havoc on my much-needed¬†beauty rest.¬† Round one had a two-way tie between two of the intern teams, Dynasty and Niagara. A very long Rock-Paper-Sissors¬†battle saw the outcome go to Dynasty. There was much joy and Hi-5’s and beer cheers after the round.

The regular teams buckled down and showed the young’ uns how this game is played. A three-way¬†tie between Cornfed, Smart Cookie and Muddy Flappers went into overtime to¬† determine the winner. Because of the three teams and the time involved, I stuck to the script and used the traditional tie breaker question. Muddy Flapper knows about water apparently. They were very close to the exact answer and took the round.

The end results were as follows: Muddy Flappers in first. Newbie Cornfed in 2nd, and Smart Cookie in third. Although I thought I was going to get to keep the 2nd place gift certificate after Cornfed paid their bill and left before I could give them their hard-won prize.

Somewhere in the bottom were late arrival Pedro, Extreme, Napalm, Smarties and Bits, just to name a few.

I hope the interns found a new home for cheep beer and fun trivia. I would normally say, “Tell your friends.” But, I’m not sure we could squeeze in any more players without upsetting the Centennial FD.

Until next week.


Mellow Mushroom–most politically incorrect team name yet and I’ve been doing this trivia hosting thing for a while now… June 8, 2011

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I’ve been doing this trivia gig thing for a while now, but tonight I had some late comers that scribbled down a team name on their answer sheets that made my jaw drop. Which takes a lot. Team Dumpster Behind Planned Parenthood. Oh dear…

This week there was a little bit of a battle of the sexes. I must admit that¬† although my score keeping is always objective, a teensy part of me was rooting for Just the Tip. They trailed the whole time, but in the end it was God Hates Weiners that finished first (only in this trivia game though that’s for sure). We’re Stuck in Geekland scored big in round 2, whiile God Hates took round 1.

Good job to all teams. Team Dumpster–how about we discuss some alternative team names for next time, ok?