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Mellow Mushroom–Rain or Shine! May 12, 2011

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An exciting night of trivia on a very dreary night! I was joined by new host Scott, who will be kicking it off at Woody’s soon. He did a fabulous job and we will wish him luck!

The first round was taken by Carrie Nation, by a mere point. In round 2 we had a massive tiebreaker between Coming from behind, Red Wings Suck, God Hates Late Teammates, and Viper Sharks eating Babies or something along those lines. In the end, it was the teams that really knew their soda flavors that struck gold. Congrats to Carrie Nation for taking first, and God Hates for their second place win, won proudly in a tiebreaker with We are Primates. Good job to all!

OC Superior: High scoring goodness May 11, 2011

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Okay, my teams at Old Chicago in Superior brought their A-game with Friday, with some of the highest scores in recent memory. Round One was a tie between Osama bin Gotten, Last Place and I Don’t Know with I Don’t Know pulling in the win and the pitcher of beer.

Round Two also came down to a tie-breaker between Osama bin Gotten and Last Place with the pitcher of beer going to Last Place.
Last Place also won the whole game, with Osama bin Gotten finishing a close second. Also playing on Friday we had The Spearheads (featuring Justin Bieber), Party in the USA, my friend Chris, Philip McCrevis and E&J.

Old Chicago Arapahoe Crossings May 8, 2011

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We had a spectacular turn out this week! It may have been due to Cinco De Mayo, but I like to believe everyone came out just to see me and play a great game of trivia. Once again, we had a trainee hosting, and she did a great job! Although having so many teams would be overwhelming to most, she did fantastic. The teams were generous, and a lot of fun was had by all. We had Redneck, Paco, Seal Team 6 7/8, Scott, Trienta Y Sienta (Spanish 37s), Team Hot Teacher, Jenn, Fear Boner, Nikki & Jesse, Walmart Gone Wild, Nacho Libre, Jim, Red Team, and Team Itchy. First round went to Seal Team 6 7/8, second round was a three-way tie breaker between Seal Team 6 7/8, Nacho Libre, and Spanish 37s with Nacho Libre taking the win. First place for the game went to Seal Team 6 7/8, Nacho Libre taking second place, and third place went to the Spanish 37s. Great job, everyone! I expect to see ALL of you there next week.

Fear Boner


Nacho Libre

Spanish 37s

Nikki & Jesse


Seal Team 6 7/8

Woody’s: What’s in a (good) name? May 6, 2011

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Hello Woody’s.

Before I get too far into this blog, please let me go on a Dennis Miller type rant for a little while.

I like this job. I like to meet the teams, the waitresses and bartenders. Overall, it’s a fun job. I don’t ask for much, but could you humor me a little please?

Let’s work on the team names.

To wit. Lets. look at a few of the team names from last night’s game. Geno, George, Samantha and Eric.


I’m assuming that everyone that plays has a triple digit IQ. Am I asking too much to have something  original for me? Please?

Ok. I’m done with my ranting. On to the results.

Stanko Day Mayo, (Now that’s a team name) started off strong and never took the foot off the trivia accelerator all night, scoring a perfect ten points, including the Email Bonus Question.  George was in second with GTB, (another good team name, but it’s a family place, so I only used the initials) There was a 3 way tie between Gingerbread, Geno, Happy Herbs and Samantha and Eric.

In round 2, SDM almost lapped the field with Happy Herbs in 2nd and George in third.

The final round saw Stanko Day Mayo throttle to a huge victory over Happy Herbs, with Samantha and Eric in third.

Lets’ try to get some decent team names for next week. Your humble trivia host does not ask for much.


Mellow Mushroom Centennial: They call me Mellow Yellow….. May 6, 2011

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Greetings my fellow ‘Shroomers.

We had another busy night at the Centennial Mellow Mushroom on Wednesday starting at 7:00. 16 teams means that I’m busier than a centipede walking through a poison ivy patch. But, being the trooper that I am, I was up for the challenge of grading your slightly incorrectly spelled answers.

But, as I say, I will not grade spelling errors as long as you don’t ding me for some of my pronunciation adventures.

The first round ended with a 2-way tie between Fluffy Bunnies of Doom and Sparkle Majic Falafel. I pulled out the classic “Rock Paper Scissors” to break the tie. The ‘Bunnies won best 2 out of 3 matches to win their choice of a bread appetizer, jello shot or desert.  Jazz  and Smarty Pants tied for third.

Round 2 saw a slight thinning of the herd but another tie that needed to be broken between Smarty Pants and J’s Team. Smarty Pants took the traditional tie-breaker this time. Team 1 and Sparkle Majic Falafel tied for third this time.  Bob (Quite the original name) was in 5th.

The end of the game saw The Smarty Pants living up to their name by winning with a 2 point victory over the dreaded Fluffy Bunnies of Doom with Sparkle Majic Falafel taking the third place gift certificate.

The crowds are really picking up at Mellow Mushroom. Just a reminder that you need to see the host for a table. I don’t know if it’s Buzzwordz Trivia or the great food and drinks served, but

is the place to be on Wednesdays.


Mellow Mushroom–If you call out the answers multiple times you will see me get angry May 5, 2011

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Ok so when I have to give away not one…but TWO free points because someone for some reason things we’re on Jeopardy and his beer glass is his buzzer…THEN you’re going to see me get mad! Please people! Show some respect for the trivia!

This week you guys knew all the answers. Almost. But not quite. Congrats to It’s Steve’s Birthday for winning round 1 and overall. Apparently getting a year older makes you smarter. God Hates Table Takers (who exactly are you pissed at this week??) won our second round and second place overall, but 3 guys 1 glass gave them a run for their money, trailing by 1 in each round. And I quadruple checked so yes the scores were right. Favorite team name of the week: The Stepmothers. Why? Because you hate them and they beat you. HAHA!! So not P.C. but that’s ok. Good job everybody!

OC Superior: Royal Trivia May 2, 2011

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I’m guessing that most of my trivia regulars had stayed up all night watching the Royal Wedding, because we had Royal Boobs and I Saw Kate’s Underpants placing at the top of hte pack for trivia on Friday night at Old Chicago in Superior. Last Place won Round One, Royal Boobs took Round Two with Last Place winning the game and Royal Boobs narrowly beating out Urival Glove in a tie-breaker for Second Place.

Also playing we had Gwar Cupcake, Craven Moorehead, Ouch My Nuggets!, MOD, Tin Caps, Her Mouth is Like a Furnace and The Spearheads.

Urban Sombrero May 1, 2011

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It also felt great to be back at the Urban Sombrero Saturday night. We had a new host trainee take over 2nd and 3rd round. Urban Sombrero meet David. You all know him as a member of the team that always takes first place — I know you are all exited that some of the competition went to the other side of the mic. We had a great turn out — there was Greg, Bis-anators, Vandelay Inc, Team E&PSQUEEZE, #1s, Go Canucks, Chase and Mike, Team Tabe, and Rosa. Round 1 saw the #1s living up to their name, and Go Canucks took a few minutes out of watching the hockey game to take first place on the second round as well as taking the first place of the game. It was a great night with a splendid turn out.


Go Canucks

Old Chicago Arapahoe Crossings May 1, 2011

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It sure felt great to be back! The night started out slow, but by mid-first round we had plenty of players. It is always great to see new teams play and get excited about trivia, so there were a lot of new faces Thursday night. There was In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash, Fear Boner, TAD, J&J, Kevin Durant Sucks, Team Muff Divin, and Team Oz. First round went to In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash, second round went to J&J, and for the game In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash took first, Team Muff Divin took second, and Fear Boner took third. I hope to see you all next week!

In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash

Fear Boner
Team Tad