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Mellow Mushroom Centennial: “I’ll Be Back” May 27, 2011

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Hello ‘Shroomers.

For the first time in weeks it was not raining on Wednesday night. That meant the patio was open for business. We had players everywhere. The bar, the dining area and the far corner where they had to get up to see the TV screen that had the questions. If we get too many more teams, we may have to figure out how to get another TV hooked up.

Round 1 saw a strong  game with 3 teams finish with 8 points. Pluckers won the Tie-Breaker over 22 Mathews and Smart Cookie. Codak was right behind with 7 points. As did BobSkizum, who were celebrating a family wedding this week. Good Luck with that.

Round 2 Saw Smart Cookie take another one point win over the Pluckers. Extreme was third, with a

two-way tie for 4th between 22 Mathews and Go Thunder.

The end of the game was tight as always. Pluckers took home the 1st Place gift card. Smart Cookie right behind them for second and Extreme with the last card to use next week. Go Thunder lost the game on TV and the chance to win the final gift card.

Make sure you get there early next and every Wednesday for the 7:00 show to make sure you get a table that can see the TV screen. Enjoy the $10.00 Sessions buckets or a bucket of Domestic beers while you wait for the game to start.


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