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OC Superior: Bring it! May 25, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in CO, Jessica Austgen, Old Chicago-Superior, Superior, CO.

Old Chicago in Superior had an ENORMOUS crowd of people for Trivia on Friday night. 17 teams participated for beer and awesome Old Chicago gift certificates but, as you know, there can be only one true trivia champ. Tonight’s amazing winner was Last Place, one of our regular players. They narrowly beat out Dr. Evil’s Brain in a tie-breaker for the game winner. So close, so smart!

Dr. Evil’s Brain was our Round One AND Round Two winner, so they got plenty of prize beer. Don’t feel too bad for them!

Also playing on this huge, crazy night were Sandy Cervix, Meanies, BJ, Just Smile and Nod, Spearheads (feat. Justin Bieber), Last Place, Dr. Evil’s Brain, Cataclysmic, Know Nothings, PZ&J, The Mob, Simpsons, Great Gambini, Paul and the Wampoles, Lone Wolf, Bonder Jams and Team American (*bleep* yeah!).


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