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Old Chicago Arapahoe Crossings May 8, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Old Chicago-Arapahoe Crossing, Terri VanderWeide.

We had a spectacular turn out this week! It may have been due to Cinco De Mayo, but I like to believe everyone came out just to see me and play a great game of trivia. Once again, we had a trainee hosting, and she did a great job! Although having so many teams would be overwhelming to most, she did fantastic. The teams were generous, and a lot of fun was had by all. We had Redneck, Paco, Seal Team 6 7/8, Scott, Trienta Y Sienta (Spanish 37s), Team Hot Teacher, Jenn, Fear Boner, Nikki & Jesse, Walmart Gone Wild, Nacho Libre, Jim, Red Team, and Team Itchy. First round went to Seal Team 6 7/8, second round was a three-way tie breaker between Seal Team 6 7/8, Nacho Libre, and Spanish 37s with Nacho Libre taking the win. First place for the game went to Seal Team 6 7/8, Nacho Libre taking second place, and third place went to the Spanish 37s. Great job, everyone! I expect to see ALL of you there next week.

Fear Boner


Nacho Libre

Spanish 37s

Nikki & Jesse


Seal Team 6 7/8


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