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OC Superior! Happy Memorial Day! May 31, 2011

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Friday night was an awesome kick-off to the holiday weekend up at Old Chicago in Superior! Touch Me I’m Sick was the winner of Round One AND of the game, but they got some stiff competition in Round Two from Beanie Weenie Casserole, Mr. Banana Grabber (my favorite name of the night… I’m a sucker for Arrested Development references), Your Couch Might Pull Out But I Don’t (ew), The Brady Bunch + 1 Spearhead = Winners, and SF’d, all of whom were tied for the win in the second round. Mr. Banana Grabber took the tie-breaker… and no, your lovely hostess didn’t give them the advantage just because of their rad name.

Most of The Spearheads were partying it up in Vegas with Justin Bieber on Friday, but one brave Spear stayed to play… with her parents (The Bradys), thus giving us the super team of The Brady Bunch + 1 Spearhead = Winners, who tied for Second Place overall but, alas, lost out in the finale tie-breaker to Last Place, who managed to rally in the third for a brilliant comeback.

I think the highlight of everyone’s evening was a certain trivia hostess’ inability to pronounce the word “pitched” correctly, thereby asked the crowd how old a certain baseball player was when he “pissed” his final game. Oh, good times. My players laughed long and hard at me… I mean, WITH me. They were laughing with me, right? Sigh.

Also playing on Friday we had 3’s Company, I’m Hungry, Campers, Rico Suave and Ultimate Team.

Mellow Mushroom Centennial: “I’ll Be Back” May 27, 2011

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Hello ‘Shroomers.

For the first time in weeks it was not raining on Wednesday night. That meant the patio was open for business. We had players everywhere. The bar, the dining area and the far corner where they had to get up to see the TV screen that had the questions. If we get too many more teams, we may have to figure out how to get another TV hooked up.

Round 1 saw a strong  game with 3 teams finish with 8 points. Pluckers won the Tie-Breaker over 22 Mathews and Smart Cookie. Codak was right behind with 7 points. As did BobSkizum, who were celebrating a family wedding this week. Good Luck with that.

Round 2 Saw Smart Cookie take another one point win over the Pluckers. Extreme was third, with a

two-way tie for 4th between 22 Mathews and Go Thunder.

The end of the game was tight as always. Pluckers took home the 1st Place gift card. Smart Cookie right behind them for second and Extreme with the last card to use next week. Go Thunder lost the game on TV and the chance to win the final gift card.

Make sure you get there early next and every Wednesday for the 7:00 show to make sure you get a table that can see the TV screen. Enjoy the $10.00 Sessions buckets or a bucket of Domestic beers while you wait for the game to start.

Woody’s Wood-Fired Tavern! May 27, 2011

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Woody’s Wood-Fired Tavern on Evans had a great crowd of people for Trivia on Thursday night. 4 teams competed for shots and some great Woody’s gift certificates and it was neck-and-neck all night! There can only be one champion of the night, and this week it was Golden Rod. We had some players new to trivia, We’re Awesome, and they did fantastic. Bazinga, a team of one, proved that sometimes even one man with one mind can keep pace with entire teams.

Shooting for Penultimate kept things so close it was nearly a photo finish, but Golden Rod was our Round One AND Round Two winner, so they enjoyed the benefits of several free rounds of drinks.

Mellow Mushroom–More Gossip Girl please? May 26, 2011

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Man those Gossip Girl questions are great, aren’t they?? It just makes me want to be mean and superficial and put some lipgloss on. I think we should have a Gossip Girl question every week (subtle hint, Tobin 😉

This week we had some very close and very high scores. Team Glass House beat out Hyper Mushroom in a tiebreaker for round 1, while We Got Blown in Oklahoma snatched the round 2 tiebreaker from the Mangy Bitches. In the end, it was Hyper Mushroom that stole the show, but the exciting part was the tiebreaker between the Mangy Bitches and I got Blown for second place. IGB came out on top for the tie, once again. Nice job everybody!

OC Superior: Bring it! May 25, 2011

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Old Chicago in Superior had an ENORMOUS crowd of people for Trivia on Friday night. 17 teams participated for beer and awesome Old Chicago gift certificates but, as you know, there can be only one true trivia champ. Tonight’s amazing winner was Last Place, one of our regular players. They narrowly beat out Dr. Evil’s Brain in a tie-breaker for the game winner. So close, so smart!

Dr. Evil’s Brain was our Round One AND Round Two winner, so they got plenty of prize beer. Don’t feel too bad for them!

Also playing on this huge, crazy night were Sandy Cervix, Meanies, BJ, Just Smile and Nod, Spearheads (feat. Justin Bieber), Last Place, Dr. Evil’s Brain, Cataclysmic, Know Nothings, PZ&J, The Mob, Simpsons, Great Gambini, Paul and the Wampoles, Lone Wolf, Bonder Jams and Team American (*bleep* yeah!).

Old Chicago: Arapahoe Crossings May 22, 2011

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Thursday is my favorite night of the week. We had In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash, Team Walker Texas Ranger, Fear Boner, Redneck, Friends of Beer, Lee is a Dick, Fujima, Short Gold, and Team JoJo joining in on the second round. In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash took first place, while we had to go into a tie breaker between Short Gold and Team Walker Texas Ranger for second and third place. As soon as I read the question, Short Gold started laughing: apparently they had already researched this question while it came up in the round for a bet between each other.  I have got to say: this has definitely never happened to me before. I pulled up a new question, and Team Walker Texas Ranger took second while Short Gold took third for the game. Nice work guys! Although this was a difficult week, everyone did great and stayed for all three rounds.

Team JoJo

In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash (sorry so blurry…)
Team Walker Texas Ranger
Fear Boner
Short Gold

Woody’s Wood-Fired Tavern! May 20, 2011

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Last night was a great night for Buzzwordz trivia!  I appreciate the welcome as a new host!

We had a lot of great teams at Woody’s!  Team Bettis, Jerry and Norma, Rapture Lips Around This, Hot Tamales, D and Rebbeca, and Rockstars!

Round I led to a tie breaker between Team Bettis and Rapture Lips Around This, with the fellas from Rapture Lips Around This winning the round.   Hot Tamales then came back in rounds II and especially III, but it was only enough to come just short of a final game tie-breaker!  Rapture Lips Around This went home as the big winner’s this week!

Thanks everybody for such a great time!

Mellow Mushroom and training Chelsea! May 19, 2011

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Awesome night last night despite the rain!  Thanks for welcoming me as your guest host-in-training Mellow Mushroom!!

We had many many great teams join us!  3 Muskateers, The Porch, Louda (LOUDA!!), Duke of Coal, MSC Stranglers, Minitab Masters, Not Clever Enough, Sessions 56, Ice Ice Baby (dun dun dun dundundundun), Sessions Beer Sucks, Two’s Company (very close score!), God Hates Ahhnold (2nd place!) and our winners of the night were Glass House!

There were some major Baywatch fans in the house!  Two’s Company won round one’s tiebreaker question.  They were off by only 1!!  Glass House then swept in and took round two!  Shots for everyone!! (P.S. the offer still stands for someone to buy me a SoCo Lime shot)

Great job everyone!  See you next week I hope!

Mellow Mushroom: Trivia in Slow Motion May 19, 2011

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Hello my fellow ‘Shroomers.

I think I will become a weatherman. For the past 6 Wednesdays, I have brought rain 5 out of the 6 nights I have hosted trivia.  I know we can use the rain, but this is the greater Denver Colorado area. Not Seattle.

One question in the first round  was about Chandler on ‘Friends’ and one of his favorite pastimes. All I will say is that David Hasselhoff is not only the wrong answer, but a terrible wrong answer.

Smart Cookie won the tie-breaker between Swimmy Kimmy and Harris for the victory and the free desert that goes to the first round victor. Team Awesome, they usually stick around for the first set of questions, brought up the back of the large pack of teams.

Round 2 saw yet another tie, this time between Sparkle Majic Falafel and Harris. SMF used my favorite tie-breaker, Rock Paper Scissors, to win the round and their choice of a bread appetizer, Jello Shots or a delicious dessert. Smart Cookie was in third and this time, The Girls were at the bottom rung of the team ladder.

The final results usually hinge on the Buzz Beater Question. This week, it proved to be a tough nut to crack. I had all the teams that got more correct answers on the following question than on the 8 pointer. You never know what next week will be. This week. Harris defeated all others including a tie for 2nd between Sparkle Majic Falafel and Smart Cookie.  Excellent baseball knowledge, or a terrific guess, allowed

to take 2nd and the $15.00 gift certificate.

Hopefully, next week, we can get some players out on the patio while they are watching one of the TVs. Or at least watch the sun set and not the rain fall.


Old Chicago Arapahoe Crossing May 15, 2011

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Once again, a GREAT week! We had Team Solo, Red Neck, In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash, Team Ramrod, Fear Boner, and Itchy joining in on the third round. In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash took first place, Redneck took second place, and Team Solo took third place. Never underestimate the power of pure guessing. It is amazing how many points some teams earned by making up answers (that just happened to be right). Partial credit in the third round becomes as useful as it was in your high school math class. All in all I like to think everyone had a great night, and I best see you all this Thursday for another exhilarating trivia night!

In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash

Fear Boner
Team Redneck