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Mellow Mushroom: G’day Mate. April 29, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Brent Ruder, Buzzwordz Trivia, Centennial, Mellow Mushroom-Centennial.

Hello my fellow ‘Shroomers. Once again we had a busy action packed set of games that was not decided until the very end. I tried to throw a curve ball at the end of game one, but it did not faze the two teams involved.

We ended Round 1 with a tie for first between Something Stupid and Gob Bluth. Rather than use the Tie Breaker question, I pulled out my old standby for ties: A quick game of quarters. First one to get the quarter in the shot glass wins. That honor went to Gob Bluth. Switchero took third and Barry White’s Mustache tied for 4th with Poundng Grape.

Wait until I figure out how to incorporate Beer Pong.

Round 2 had a 2-way tie between Sparkle Majic Falafel and Bob Gluth. the ‘Gluths took this round again using excellent “Beach’ knowledge to help them win their choice of  great menu prizes. Switchero was in third again with Pounding Grapes in 4th.

The end of the game had Bob Gluth eek out a one point win over Switchero, with Sparkle Majic Falafel earning the bronze.

With the NBA and NHL Playoffs, and the (1st Place!) Rockies on all the TVs, Mellow Mushroom is a great place to hang out on Wednesdays with  $10.00 buckets of Domestic or Sessions beers while playing Buzzwordz Trivia.

See you at 7:00 next Wednesday.




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