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Old Chicago Thornton: Sing me a song April 27, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Brent Ruder, Buzzwordz Trivia, Old Chicago-Thornton 120th, Thornton, CO.

Hello OC Thornton. Or should I call you Tobin’s Chosen Ones?

Nothing like  a small panic attack when a very important piece of equipment fails right before the game starts. But, Like a duck that is moving his little web feet under the water trying to make things happen, on the surface, all LOOKS calm.

Round 1


Round one began with a one point victory by Cheatn Cheaters over Tempura House of Lightly Battered Women and Irish Banditos Party Bus.

As an aside, please let me give a shout out to the originality of the majority of the team names here at Old Chicago. So much better than say Team Ted.


Anyway, with the Rockies playing the Cubs, (at Old Chicago no less) the  Coors’ Lite Draft specials were selling briskly all night. The victory by the Home Team was a nice touch.

Round 2.


Horses With No Name came out smoking this round. They did so well that it cost me a little of my pride in the final point tally. Downhole Stimulators came in second and Dogs Of Bore placed third.

Round 3.


Horses With No Name took both the final round as well as the overall win. It was an accounting error due to so many teams playing that I could not read my own handwriting that I could not read the total point tally for them at the end. Fortunately, it was quickly figured out and the only thing that was hurt was my personal pride. Downhole Stimulators came in second (officially) with Cheatin Cheaters in third. 

Just to give you an idea of the competition here at OC Thornton,of the 10 plus teams that were playing at the end, the point differential between first and last was only 9 points.

That my friends, is what we call an exciting Trivia game.

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