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Where’s Your Pink Cowboy Hat, Woody’s? April 22, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Deanna Lund, Denver, CO, Woody's.

That was the first question I got asked this week while walking around to teams (in truth, I just left it at my trivia table),

Thanks to Tickle Me Elmo for the Pic of the Week! (It was actually two pictures, but I couldn't decide between them!)

but I was happy to see that it was a memorable wardrobe choice.  I was happy to see a number of last week’s teams back at Woody’s and I’m sure that they were happy that they helped me get over my nerves last week.  I also got to try some of the famous woodfired pizza and it was fantastic; I just thought everyone should know.  This week at Woody’s we learned why it’s important not to forget your signature outfits and team names.

Speaking of our teams, this week we had Dystopia, God Zombie, Team Fluffy Puppy Sparkle Pants, Tickle Me Elmo, Way-Bro, Hot Tamales, Team Blazers, and Not Over There!

Round one ended with a three-way tie between God Zombie, Fluffy Puppy Sparkle Pants, and Way-Bro, with Fluffy Puppy Sparkle Pants earning the victory shots.

Team Fluffy Puppy Sparkle Pants also took the round two victory.  I was able to enjoy a funny story about a Skipper look-a-like contest and a family’s first color tv from them this round, so thanks.

And finally, our end game was very  close, but God Zombie came in second and Team Fluffy Puppy Sparkle Pants swept the game this week.

Thanks everyone who came out again this week!  My pink cowboy hat and I loved seeing your smiling faces once again!  Until next week, ciao!


Team Blazers

Hot Tamales

Not Over There!

Tickle Me Elmo (I really loved y'alls "Amerika" picture, but I don't think anyone else would find it nearly as funny.)


Second place: God Zombie

First Place: Fluffy Puppy Sparkle Pants



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