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Mellow Mushroom Centennial: Will you friend me? April 21, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Brent Ruder, Buzzwordz Trivia, Mellow Mushroom-Centennial.

Greetings from my new Wednesday home.

I’m happy to report that I will be the new permanent host at Mellow Mushroom in Centennial at 7:00. And man, what a busy place. I had one team that followed me over to this new bar and they were informed by the Hostess that the table was reserved for someone else. We fit everyone in and started the game.

The end of Round 1 had a tie between Bird is the Word and Something Stupid. Something Stupid used to play at another bar I work at, but I can see why they hang out at the ‘Shroom. We used the old tie breaker of my choice, the Traditional Rock, Paper, Scissors match to figure out that Something Stupid won the Round, and their choice of a Bread app, a dessert or a Jello Shot.

Sparkle Majic Falafel came in third with a 4-way tie for fourth. One of the teams that was part of the tie was the Einsteins. I want to mention them as they stuck around for all three rounds, but, let’s just say, they had a rough night.

Round 2 saw my favorite team name of the year take the victory. Congratulations to Epic Win. If you have seen the TV commercial with the tiny giraffe, you know what I’m talking about. Any chance  I can use an accent to announce a team name is a fun night for me. Something  Stupid came in second and Sparkle Majic Falafel was right behind in third. Bird is the Word was the fourth place finisher.

The final round and game had Something Stupid in first with a 2 point victory over SMF, and my ‘favorite’ Epic Win. No pain, no pain. Bird is the Word was in fourth and the afore mentioned Einsteins came in 5th.

 Better luck next week.

Seeing how I forgot to unpack my camera from my bag this morning, I will have to get the photos downloaded tomorrow.

I will see you next week.




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