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Old Chicago Arapahoe Crossings April 17, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Old Chicago-Arapahoe Crossing, Terri VanderWeide.

Thursday is my favorite day of the week – I absolutely love my teams and location. We mixed it up a little at Old Chicago this week – We had two trivia hosts. I was training Allison for the night. She did an awesome job taking over round two. For the most part, the teams were kind to her. (Puget sound, anyone? ). We had a fair share of new teams this week. We had RSC, Red Neck, Debbie/Bruce, Cyrus, Bark 4 Sark, Paging Mr. Cline, Dilligaf, Vegas!, Cold Beer Nation, and The Royals. Paging Mr. Cline took first place, Cold Beer Nation took second place, and Bark 4 Sark took third place. Nice work, everyone!

Paging Dr. Cline

The Royals doing some serious Trivia pondering
Cold Beer Nation

And then my camera died and I had to use my iTouch.

Bark 4 Sark



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