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Thanks for the Warm Welcome, Woody’s Woodfired Tavern! April 15, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Deanna Lund, Denver, CO, Woody's.

I walked into Woody’s for my first time hosting not sure what to expect and was astounded by the number of regulars

Thanks to Arachanis Deathicus for the Pic of the Week!

already there and ready to play trivia.  I was really happy to see quite a crowd, and to play some trivia of course.  The regulars at Woody’s welcomed me and my pink cowboy hat very nicely and I was so appreciative for it.  I quickly got over my first night jitters, and a few adding problems.  Woody’s, where once a week, you learn something.  This week:  why the government calls for more math and science in our public schools.  After getting over those things, we got down to business.

So, let’s get down to business here.  I was excited to have ten teams on my inaugural night at Woody’s:  Bro-Way, Flying V, Yo Ho Ho, Boozehounds, Semper Fidelis Tyranus, Hot Tamales, Arachanis Deathichus, Team Meat, Team Fluffy Puppy, and late-round addition Glitter and Unicorns.

Round one was a heated battle between Semper Fidelis Tyranus and Hot Tamales, but Semper Fidelis Tyranus took the first place round.

The second round ended in a three-way tie between Bro-Way, Yo Ho Ho, and Semper Fidelis Tyranus, with Semper Fidelis Tyranus taking the second round as well.

The ending results were all extremely close, but in the end, Yo Ho Ho walked away with third place, Bro-Way with second, and Semper Fidelis Tyranus with first.

Thanks everyone who came out and played!  I hope to see y’alls smiling faces next week when I will actually try the food and we will play more trivia on college night.  Ciao!

Hot Tamales are hot, hot, hot, hot!

Glitter and Unicorns joined late, but played strong.

First Place: Semper Fidelis Tyranus

Arachanis Deathicus (really, thanks for the picture!)

Third Place: Yo Ho Ho and a kamikaze shot? That's not how the song goes...

Flying V is super excited about trivia... super!

Team Meat, where's the beef?

Second place: Bro-Way

Team Fluffy Puppy (Hopefully next week you can name yourselves)



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