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Mellow Mushroom–more than one person does not pull out but has a couch that does April 29, 2011

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What a pleasant surprise that we would be joined this week by not one, but two teams claiming ‘My couch pulls out but I don’t.’ Hoping to get a date with at least one member of each team.

This week the victories were ALL OVER the place. the Dirty Shirleys ( FYI I would like to name one of my future pets Shirlena) took round 1 but exhausted themselves in that win. Round 2 went to Double Rainbow by several points, while Touched by an Uncle proved their knowledge of Dominoes toppings and snuck ahead to win overall. Busy night at Mellow Mushroom trivia, nice job everybody!

Mellow Mushroom: G’day Mate. April 29, 2011

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Hello my fellow ‘Shroomers. Once again we had a busy action packed set of games that was not decided until the very end. I tried to throw a curve ball at the end of game one, but it did not faze the two teams involved.

We ended Round 1 with a tie for first between Something Stupid and Gob Bluth. Rather than use the Tie Breaker question, I pulled out my old standby for ties: A quick game of quarters. First one to get the quarter in the shot glass wins. That honor went to Gob Bluth. Switchero took third and Barry White’s Mustache tied for 4th with Poundng Grape.

Wait until I figure out how to incorporate Beer Pong.

Round 2 had a 2-way tie between Sparkle Majic Falafel and Bob Gluth. the ‘Gluths took this round again using excellent “Beach’ knowledge to help them win their choice of  great menu prizes. Switchero was in third again with Pounding Grapes in 4th.

The end of the game had Bob Gluth eek out a one point win over Switchero, with Sparkle Majic Falafel earning the bronze.

With the NBA and NHL Playoffs, and the (1st Place!) Rockies on all the TVs, Mellow Mushroom is a great place to hang out on Wednesdays with  $10.00 buckets of Domestic or Sessions beers while playing Buzzwordz Trivia.

See you at 7:00 next Wednesday.


Woody’s Likes the NFL Draft April 29, 2011

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So The NFL draft first round had started only a bit before I arrived at Woody’s decked out in my alma mater gear

Thanks to Lazercats for the pic of the week!

(because I am obsessed with the NFL draft).  I tried some 49 cent wings today as well and they were pretty tasty, but I think I prefer the pizza.  A lot of my regular teams were missing, which made me sad, but I can only assume you all were off having NFL draft parties of your own, and I completely understand.  This week, we learned why teams shouldn’t come up with ridiculously long names.  Keep that in mind for next week…

…While I tell y’all about our teams.  This week we had Boozehounds, Lazercats, Holy Schlitz!, Team Puffy Fluffy Puppy Sparkle Purple Pants, The Proton Pack, Boomshakalaka, Cap, and J.A.S.O.N.S. (whose full name I don’t remember because it was really long as well).

The first round ended with Boomshakalaka and Puffy Fluffy Puppy Sparkle Purple Pants vying for the victory.  Puffy Fluffy Puppy Sparkle Purple Pants came out on top.

Puffy Fluffy Puppy Sparkle Purple Pants also earned the second round victory.

The game ended in a tie between Boomshakalaka and Puffy Fluffy Puppy Sparkle Purple PantsBoomshakalaka won the tie breaker, and therefore the game, while Puffy Fluffy Puppy Sparkle Purple Pants came in second.

Thanks to everyone who came out and played and maybe next week we can all have shorter team names?  See you all on the Cinco, ciao!

First place: Boomshakalaka

J.A.S.O.N.S. (Sorry I don't remember what the acronym stood for, guys.)


Second place: Puffy Fluffy Puppy Sparkle Purple Pants

Old Chicago Thornton: Sing me a song April 27, 2011

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Hello OC Thornton. Or should I call you Tobin’s Chosen Ones?

Nothing like  a small panic attack when a very important piece of equipment fails right before the game starts. But, Like a duck that is moving his little web feet under the water trying to make things happen, on the surface, all LOOKS calm.

Round 1


Round one began with a one point victory by Cheatn Cheaters over Tempura House of Lightly Battered Women and Irish Banditos Party Bus.

As an aside, please let me give a shout out to the originality of the majority of the team names here at Old Chicago. So much better than say Team Ted.


Anyway, with the Rockies playing the Cubs, (at Old Chicago no less) the  Coors’ Lite Draft specials were selling briskly all night. The victory by the Home Team was a nice touch.

Round 2.


Horses With No Name came out smoking this round. They did so well that it cost me a little of my pride in the final point tally. Downhole Stimulators came in second and Dogs Of Bore placed third.

Round 3.


Horses With No Name took both the final round as well as the overall win. It was an accounting error due to so many teams playing that I could not read my own handwriting that I could not read the total point tally for them at the end. Fortunately, it was quickly figured out and the only thing that was hurt was my personal pride. Downhole Stimulators came in second (officially) with Cheatin Cheaters in third. 

Just to give you an idea of the competition here at OC Thornton,of the 10 plus teams that were playing at the end, the point differential between first and last was only 9 points.

That my friends, is what we call an exciting Trivia game.

Old Chicago Centennial: Juke Box Hero April 22, 2011

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Greetings my OC patrons.

I get a little nervous when I have to fill in for my fellow Hosts. Will I find the bar, will the staff and players like me? Will I mess up the setup for the night?

Will someone play the Jukebox in the middle of the game and blow out eardrums?

I now have all the answers to the above questions.

We started the night with a nice group of teams. And unlike many bars, everyone stayed for all three rounds. The first set went to In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash. In baseball terms, they pitched a perfect game. It helps that they had 6 players on their team. Redneck was right behind with 9 points. The only difference between paying for a free appetizer and having to pay for it was the Email Bonus Question.  Don’t forget to submit them folks. We do not sell them to a Spammer. We promise. Gov’t Shutdown was in third and a tie for 4th between Cuervo Cactus and Mommy’s Night Off.

Round 2 saw the incredible performance of IGWTAOPC continue. This time, they got one answer incorrect. That’s it. I think they should split their team up or OC should include some physical activity with the trivia. That might slow them down. Gov’t Shutdown was in second and Redneck took third.

The final round had In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash cruise to a 13 point victory over Gov’t Shutdown with Redneck earning the Bronze. 

Thanks, for letting me cover for you Teri.


Where’s Your Pink Cowboy Hat, Woody’s? April 22, 2011

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That was the first question I got asked this week while walking around to teams (in truth, I just left it at my trivia table),

Thanks to Tickle Me Elmo for the Pic of the Week! (It was actually two pictures, but I couldn't decide between them!)

but I was happy to see that it was a memorable wardrobe choice.  I was happy to see a number of last week’s teams back at Woody’s and I’m sure that they were happy that they helped me get over my nerves last week.  I also got to try some of the famous woodfired pizza and it was fantastic; I just thought everyone should know.  This week at Woody’s we learned why it’s important not to forget your signature outfits and team names.

Speaking of our teams, this week we had Dystopia, God Zombie, Team Fluffy Puppy Sparkle Pants, Tickle Me Elmo, Way-Bro, Hot Tamales, Team Blazers, and Not Over There!

Round one ended with a three-way tie between God Zombie, Fluffy Puppy Sparkle Pants, and Way-Bro, with Fluffy Puppy Sparkle Pants earning the victory shots.

Team Fluffy Puppy Sparkle Pants also took the round two victory.  I was able to enjoy a funny story about a Skipper look-a-like contest and a family’s first color tv from them this round, so thanks.

And finally, our end game was very  close, but God Zombie came in second and Team Fluffy Puppy Sparkle Pants swept the game this week.

Thanks everyone who came out again this week!  My pink cowboy hat and I loved seeing your smiling faces once again!  Until next week, ciao!


Team Blazers

Hot Tamales

Not Over There!

Tickle Me Elmo (I really loved y'alls "Amerika" picture, but I don't think anyone else would find it nearly as funny.)


Second place: God Zombie

First Place: Fluffy Puppy Sparkle Pants

Mellow Mushroom Centennial: Will you friend me? April 21, 2011

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Greetings from my new Wednesday home.

I’m happy to report that I will be the new permanent host at Mellow Mushroom in Centennial at 7:00. And man, what a busy place. I had one team that followed me over to this new bar and they were informed by the Hostess that the table was reserved for someone else. We fit everyone in and started the game.

The end of Round 1 had a tie between Bird is the Word and Something Stupid. Something Stupid used to play at another bar I work at, but I can see why they hang out at the ‘Shroom. We used the old tie breaker of my choice, the Traditional Rock, Paper, Scissors match to figure out that Something Stupid won the Round, and their choice of a Bread app, a dessert or a Jello Shot.

Sparkle Majic Falafel came in third with a 4-way tie for fourth. One of the teams that was part of the tie was the Einsteins. I want to mention them as they stuck around for all three rounds, but, let’s just say, they had a rough night.

Round 2 saw my favorite team name of the year take the victory. Congratulations to Epic Win. If you have seen the TV commercial with the tiny giraffe, you know what I’m talking about. Any chance  I can use an accent to announce a team name is a fun night for me. Something  Stupid came in second and Sparkle Majic Falafel was right behind in third. Bird is the Word was the fourth place finisher.

The final round and game had Something Stupid in first with a 2 point victory over SMF, and my ‘favorite’ Epic Win. No pain, no pain. Bird is the Word was in fourth and the afore mentioned Einsteins came in 5th.

 Better luck next week.

Seeing how I forgot to unpack my camera from my bag this morning, I will have to get the photos downloaded tomorrow.

I will see you next week.


OC Superior: Happy Birthday… Team Its My Birthday! April 18, 2011

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I just love my players up at Old Chicago in Superior. This was a great Friday night (as per usual) with five, count ’em, FIVE teams showing off their big brains and ending up in the tie-breaker for Round One. Its My Birthday, Tulo-Git (2 Quit), Formerly Formally Princess Poof, Sheenola and Last Place fought valiantly for the win (and by “fought valiantly,” I do mean “wrote numbers on pieces of paper) but Last Place took the pitcher of beer.

Round Two went to Sheenola, who always knows all kinds of stuff about stuff. Seriously, I’m pretty sure the guy is a millionaire in OC gift certificates.

There was a THREE WAY TIE for winner of the game, so it was all down to the tie-breaker. The closest team would get the First Prize, next closest would take Second and third… would get nothing. Aw, damn! The win went to Sheenola, second went to Tulo-Git (2 Quit) and poor Last Place got nothing but a high-five from the trivia host.

Also playing we had Team It’s My Birthday (Happy Birthday!), No Teeth on Tips, Lone Ranger and IKnow More Than You.

Urban Sombrero April 17, 2011

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This was my second night subbing at the Urban Sombrero, and it just keeps getting better. The food and drinks were delicious. These teams are awesome – they are smart, friendly, and all around fantastic. Even our fearless leader Tobin made an appearance! The teams are increasing each week, and it is a great feeling seeing faces I recognized from last week as well as meeting some out-of-town visitors. We had Cold Beer Nation, Bad Ass, Nerd Herd, Danielle, Team Delirium, Bob, The Shockers, and Vandelay joining in on an awesome third round. Team Delirium assembled their team a little late, but once they were together they dominated and take first place. Thank you so much for playing!

The Shockers

Team Delirium
Cold Beer Nation
Bad Ass — all the way from Minnesota!

Old Chicago Arapahoe Crossings April 17, 2011

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Thursday is my favorite day of the week – I absolutely love my teams and location. We mixed it up a little at Old Chicago this week – We had two trivia hosts. I was training Allison for the night. She did an awesome job taking over round two. For the most part, the teams were kind to her. (Puget sound, anyone? ). We had a fair share of new teams this week. We had RSC, Red Neck, Debbie/Bruce, Cyrus, Bark 4 Sark, Paging Mr. Cline, Dilligaf, Vegas!, Cold Beer Nation, and The Royals. Paging Mr. Cline took first place, Cold Beer Nation took second place, and Bark 4 Sark took third place. Nice work, everyone!

Paging Dr. Cline

The Royals doing some serious Trivia pondering
Cold Beer Nation

And then my camera died and I had to use my iTouch.

Bark 4 Sark