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Mellow Mushroom Downtown Misses Lauren March 28, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Mellow Mushroom-Denver, Terri VanderWeide.

When I walked into Mellow Mushroom, the first thing I thought was “there are so many people here!” I could not believe the turnout for trivia. Who can blame anyone, though? What with the AMAZING pizza, awesome trivia questions, and good beer, we started out with almost 20 teams! Everyone showed great patience and kindness as I struggled to get my audio working, and we were able to have a great night! Thank you, everyone, for playing!

We had the Silly Ninnies, Jason, Weber Party of Suck, MC, Raunchy Seagulls, Hocus Pokus, Glass house, Emily & Luke, James Greene, The Magic, The Amazing Starchild, Harwoods, Chaz’s 3rd Ball, and Team Kosmo. Glass House took first place, with the Silly Ninnies taking second place and the Raunchy Seagulls taking third place.

Thanks so much for a great night everyone!



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