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Urban Sombrero – 3/26 March 27, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Alex Bekerman, Buzzwordz Trivia, Urban Sombrero.
It was a super-special night of Buzzwordz trivia at the Urban Sombrero Saturday night and I was so happy to be back after being ridiculously sick and missing the show last week.  Luckily for the regulars our fearless leader, Tobin Hays, stepped in that night to host in my absence.  He must have really enjoyed himself because he was back last night for hot-cha-cha trivia at Urban Sombrero.  What made this a super-special night was two important changes:  a CASH MONEY prize for 1st place and a special set of trivia questions just for the Urbrero.  Woot!
And what a night!  We started strong with regulars Delerium, Guinness is Best, Vandelay Industries, and Chase and Mike cordially duking it out with special guest stars Jan and Dean, London Calling, …And the Winner Is, and MSP.  Almost everyone struggled with Round I’s challenging questions, with the notable exception of Round I winners Guinness is Best, who managed a near-perfect round score.
Round II found the other teams, Delerium in particular, catching up to the Guinness juggernaut, eventually tying for the win.  Although their tie-breaker answers were very close, Guinness is Best took Round II and some delicious shots, shots, shots.
Once again in Round III Guinness is Best and Delerium raced through the questions, leaving the other teams in the dust.  In the end there could be only one winner, however, and tonight it was Guinness is Best, with an astounding 46 points for the game (including email and bonus points).  Congratulations! 
Stay tuned for next week to see if any team, anywhere can mount a challenge to the unstoppable Guinness is Best!

London Calling

Jan and Dean

...and the winner is


Guinness is Best



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