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Woody’s Wood-Fired Tavern, I Will Miss You! March 25, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Sarah Groves, Woody's.

What a tough blog to write, this was my last night hosting at Woody’s! I will miss hosting, but could not have asked for a more fun last night! Cobra Khai after answering the first answer correctly of “Naomi Campbell” then tried to answer almost every other answer in some form of that name! My favorite being the Japanese spelling! They also said that the largest sea was the ABSeas and the acronym FNMA was “Fun Night Making up Answers with Sarah!”  Which I thought was a better answer then the real one! Team The Weenis (which I’m still sad isn’t a Friends reference) started playing while still on the clock and hung around after work to finish up. Team I.Sis was just plain super excited about every question and answer! It sure kept my energy up! The Sconnies came in to watch the game but I talked them into playing trivia! The game they were watching was not hockey because they thought “The Mighty Ducks” was the highest scoring team! Budz on Sudz came up with the idea to put a pay toilet in their house to earn extra money! Dirty Dollhouse are some pretty awesome people! They stayed hard core and it payed off! Stink Tank (who accidentally got left out of the first few questions and I had to have a mini catch up game of trivia) totally brought their A-game! Winners of round 1 and round 2. Also first place winners of the night! Teams Dirty Dollhouse and Budz on Sudz were apart of a second place tie-breaker with Dirty Dollhouse coming out on top! It was a great night! I even bought everyone dessert! Then I left everyone with the threat that the next time they saw me I wouldn’t be their friend but their competitor! It’s been more fun then I can blog about!

Anybody order a free dessert?


Naomi Campbell (formerly known as Kobra Khai)


Budz on Sudz

Stink Tank

Dirty Dollhouse

The Weenis



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