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Castle Bar and Grill: March 23, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Brent Ruder, Buzzwordz Trivia, Castle Bar & Grill, Littleton, CO.

Greetings my fellow Castle goers.

Despite a TV/Video/Laptop error, followed by a dead battery on my MP3 Player, we had a fun night at the Castle Bar and Grill.

With the Texas Hold Em tables filled, we started a little late as I played IT Support getting my laptop to synch up with the big screen. We are pretty sure that the live band that plays every Saturday might have pulled a wire and did not bother to inform anyone.

We figured it out after a 10 minute delay. It was a slow start. Let’s just say that we don’t have a lot of drug using, diamond buying soccer fans. After that, however, we had our usual close game.

Regular, Jonsie took a one point lead over TB1, with a tie for third between Denalis and Royal Bitches. Jonsie used the email Bonus Question to secure that one digit win.

And the free beer that come with it.

Round 2 had the Royal Bitches with a solid 2 point lead over Jonsie and a 3 point win over Angry Birds Rio and Denalis. Apparently, Angry Birds Rio is a HUGE fan of that game. The judges watched him carefully as he plays that game between questions. But we are all playing with honor here. Right?

The final round and the game went to Jonsie. Even though I almost felt the need to disqualify them for NOT getting all three answers right in one of the questions in the third round. I’ll just shake my head and let them lower their head in shame. Somewhere,  an engineier is shaking his/her head.

The Bitches took 2nd and Angry Birds Rio came in third.

Don’t forget to come down to the Castle to watch the NCAA tournament on their 104″ screen this weekend.

feel free to root for UCONN on my behalf.

See you next week



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