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OC Superior: March 22, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzz Bee, Buzzwordz Trivia, CO, Jessica Austgen, Old Chicago-Superior, Superior, CO.

My players at Old Chicago in Superior may not have known a lot about infomercial gurus, but most of them were Arrested Development fans, so a George Bluth/Cornballer answer submitted by Urinal Cake sparked a lot of AD quoting and chicken dances. It was pretty cool.

Ok, down to business. Round One was dominated by On Tour With Charlie (formerly known as the Monkey). Round Two came down to a tie-breaker between Urinal Glove and Hole Family with Urinal Glove for the win. Hole Family ended up taking the game and I have to comment on their *insane* quickness. Those guys freakin’ sprinted their answers up to me before I’d even finished reading the questions. Wow.

Also playing we had Busted Bracketz, Four Times the Steak (I don’t know what that means, but it sounds delicious), Last Place (who demonstrated ALL of the Arrested Development chicken dances. It was amazing. I so wish my phone had video capabilies to do these guys justice…), No Fly Zoners, Urinal Cake, World Team, Hole Family, Holla, and Charlie Sheen School of Winning.

I kinda expected there to be a couple of teams named after Charlie “Capt. Crazy” Sheen, but was very surprised at TWO teams whose names involved urinals? Weird. I love my teams 🙂



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