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Old Chicago in Superior: Winning! March 14, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, CO, Jessica Austgen, Old Chicago-Superior, Superior, CO.

Well, Team Winning! totally won trivia at Old Chicago in Superior on Friday. I don’t know if it is the power of positive thinking or just channeling some of that Charlie Sheen tiger blood or whatever, but the guys and girls of Winning! rocked it.

Round One went to Last Place, who beat out 2 Ninjas and a Little Lady and Winning! to claim the pitcher o beer. Round One was another tie-breaker between 2 Ninjas and a Little Lady and 7 Evil Exes and this time the ninjas took the pitcher.

The end of the game saw FOUR teams tied for first, so we had to do an epic tie-breaker to determine who was going home with the gift certificates and who was just going home. Last Place, Winning!, Bar and 7 Evil Exes were all rarin’ to go and break that tie but Winning! won it with 2 Ninjas and a LIttle Lady coming in second.

I’m glad the Ninjas won. They drew me little pictures of ninjas on all their answer sheets. They were my faves all night.

Also playing, we had regulars The Spearheads (minus Justin Bieber tonight!), We Luv Woody, Did Clarissa Really Explain it All and The Aristocrats, who kindly wrote me a version of the Aristocrat joke on the back of several of their answer sheets. Don’t know that joke? Google it, because I can definitely NOT put it up here. This is a family blog, yo.



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