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Castle Bar and Grill: Smile and say Cheese March 14, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.


Hello fellow Castelers. We had a nice crowd pre-loading for the St Patty’s event this coming Thursday and of course, March Madness.

Have I mentioned that the Castle Bar and Grill has a HUGE 104” screen TV to watch all the tournement games?

Did I mention it’s is huge?

Don’t forget the St Patrick’s day specials that will be taking place this Thursday.

First, start the night out by hearing a Bagpipe Player live at 6:00 pm. Irish drinks specials all night including Guiness Cans for $4.00. Don’t forget to wear your green that night. (Is Notre Dame playing that nigght as well?) 

Like I said, we had a good crowd the the night’s trivia, but the more teams that play, they all meet a similar fate. As you will soon find out.hat the Royal Bitches were back in force. They usually are late starters, but tonight they started strong. They held on to a one point lead over Just Sleepy and Poker Brats. Despite forgetting to check fir the Email Question and losing out on the valuable point.

Round 2 saw the ‘Bitches again with a one point win. This time Jonsie was the one that was bested by a point. Just Sleepy and Poker Brats tied for third. Nice showing by newbies Hager Report and Chilies for the round too.

The final round had the Royal Bitches sweep the game with a steady diet of 2s and 3s. They held off Just Sleepy again for the round and used three great rounds for the overall victory.

Once again, don’t forget to stop by on St Patty’s Day to hear the Bagpipe player at 6:00.

Erin go Braugh!



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