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Urban Sombrero – 3/12/11 March 13, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Alex Bekerman, Aurora, CO, Buzzwordz Trivia, Urban Sombrero.

Wow, what a fantastic crowd we had at the Urban Sombrero Saturday night! 

All the usual suspects…I mean regulars, were there: Chase & Mike, Delerium, and Do Me Dirty! and they were joined by Spandau Line Dance, Gearheart, the Babettes, and the Jaybirds (Vandelay Industries incognito) for a rollicking good triva night.

Round I was close throughout, a real slugfest.  Delerium, with the help of a couple of lovely assistants, squeaked out the victory.

Round II was a hard-won victory for the Babettes, even with Gearheart taking their tools and heading home early on and Spandau Line Dance , being  British, having a hard time with the Americana questions.  Once again the teams fought it out within a point or two of each other to the bitter end and Babette‘s victory surprised them most of all.

Round III took a toll on the hostess’ froggy voice, but we all sallied forth and watched as Delerium proceeded to wipe the floor with the other teams’ tears.  A huge round for Delerium, and the game win with an impressive 47 points.

Congrats to all teams and thanks for not choosing Buzzwords trivia at the Urban Sombrero for what you’re giving up for Lent!  See you next Saturday!


Team Delerium

Do Me Dirty! With fancy light effects!
HRH Spandau Line Dance
Chase and Mike (and friends)


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