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Mellow Mushroom March 10, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Centennial, Mellow Mushroom-Centennial, Sarah Groves.

Mellow Mushroom makes me hungry! I had myself a steak sandwich and it was so good! If only I could play, then I would use my prize each week to eat dinner! Ha Ha! I got a lot of funny answers this week, and not to embarrass anyone, but I’m going to share them! Team The Tightens didn’t want to play at first, but luckily she had the last word and they joined us for the first round. I had a lot of disagreement on who Charlie Chaplin worked with. Team Matt Duchene’s Montage of Madness guessed NYPD, team Underage thought Scotland Yard, and team Chapril said LAPD. They didn’t know it wasn’t a real force! I got team Das Boot to stay the whole game! Although they think you can get a diet cola Jelly Belly! And I found out they work upstairs! Team Pedro got the Statue of Liberty mixed up with Julia Childs! Bird is the Word must never get into trouble because they didn’t know their prisons! Charlies house of torture and le prison were their answers! Ha Ha! Team Sparkle Magic Falafel like CHarlie Sheen and his tiger blood! Something Stupid was down a player and they submitted a lot of funny answers with her being gone, like you do your “balling” in bed, and listed Sleepy, Slurpy, Dingy, Slutty…. wait, are those Reindeer? As you can tell I laughed a lot tonight! Round one ended with a 5 way tie between teams Something Stupid, Bird is the Word, Das Boot, Cloony’s, and Team Nichol’s. Amazingly enough that 5 teams were in the tie, 2 of them tied after that! Teams Bird is the Word and Team Nichol’s took place in a double tie-breaker where manager Dani came up with the question and they both got it right! How smart are these people!? So Dani let both teams get a prize, she’s a nice manager! Round two had a tie-breaker between Bird is the Word and Sparkle Magic Falafel but the latter came out the winners! The third round changed a lot and there wasn’t a tie-breaker at the end of it. Third place went to Sparkle Magic Falafel, second to Das Boot, and first place went to Bird is the Word! Congrats to everyone! See you next week!

Das Boot

Something Stupid



The Nichol's

Bird is the Word

Under age

Team Pedro

The Tightens

Matt Duchene's Montage of Madness

Sparkle Magic Falafel



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