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I am neither a Froot Loop NOR Rainbow Brite March 9, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Barbara Dittert, Denver, CO, Uptown Brothers.

Fruit Loops are a cereal.  Rainbow Brite wears a dress.  Am I cereal?  Was I wearing a dress?  NO!  Can I spell properly??  YES!  (case in point- FRUIT and BRIGHT).  Just because I was wearing a nice rainbow sweater- does not mean you can mock and ridicule me.  In fact, I was much easier for the new people to find me in the dark!

Ok, I am over that.  But I did totally forget my camera.  So I must get creative with this blog here.  Normally I would just steal pics from your Facebook pages, but since I am still kind of new I am not friends with all of you yet.  Hmmm… what to do, what to do. 

and come out with only one liver... Kevin! Why won't you let Abe let send me the pic of you arm wrestling????


Ok, I am totally confused. Is your actual name Avon Barksdale? Or is your team name really in reference to this? If so, you really took it a step above by creating an email with this guy's name in it!


BiPolar , BiWINNING!!!!! My favorite team name of the night!


Enough said Beyotches!


I kind of think you should get T-shirts made with this as your logo.


Gaddafi Ducks Sweet Revenge


I am sure this is what you were thinking when you selected Grrrr as your team name!


I feel the same way, I am from Cleveland. Actually I do not really care... but I pretend to.


This is what you guys kind of looked like by the end of the night.


I GoogleImaged Tiskey Wits and found zero. However, when I type in Whisky Tits I get all sorts of stuff! This was my fave.

This took forever, I am totally needing to remember my camera next week. 

See ya!



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