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Woody’s! March 4, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Sarah Groves, Woody's.

Seriously, these nights at Woody’s are getting too fun! Too many funny answers to even name, the best team names, and not a single person left! We also had a record high score! It was nice to see teams Hot Tamales, Medium Rare, Kobra Khai were all regulars that are always great to see! Team Zebras was new and couldn’t really decide on a name. They changed from fighting to flying to frisky to fishing to flouncy to facetious and ended with fictional. It was the longest team name by then end! My couch pulls out… but i don’t wins awesome team name of the night! Just 2 dudes, havin’ a good time… with eddie… and andrew’s here, too… with his bluetooth (more people kept joining their team!) came in second place over all tonight! Team Amish Rake Fight had a great night! They won round 1 without missing a single question, round 2, and obviously, overall first place with the highest score I’ve ever seen! When I told them that they said “Wait till next week!” I’ll see you guys then!

Just 2 dudes havin a good time... with eddie... and andrew's here, too... and a bluetooth

Hot Tamales

My couch pulls out... but i don't

Amish Rake Fight

Kobra Khai

Medium Rare

The Fighting Flying Frisky Fishing Flouncy Facetious Fictional Zebras



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