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Mellow Mushroom March 3, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Centennial, Mellow Mushroom-Centennial, Sarah Groves.

What a fun night at Mellow Mushroom! Team Your Mom… were part of the Beer Club and chatting with me at the bar all night! Fun guys! Team The Bits drew a picture on most of their answer sheets, and we all know how much I love it when that happens! Here are some examples:

Thanks for the pictures! Team Bird is the Word came back and blew me away with how smart they are! I’m glad I don’t play against them! Ha Ha! Teams The Mazurs and Team T were 2 families that joined in while having dinner. I love it when that happens! Team Something Stupid were back, again, and I learned were using Buzzwordz to practice for Jeopardy so good luck! Team Christian lasted for only one question, a trivia record! It was a little boy excited that he knew so much about comets! What a smart kid! Team Calm your pickles joined in for the first few rounds but had to duck out early. Round 1 was a tie-breaker between teams Calm your pickles and Bird is the Word with the latter as the winners! Round 2 was another tie-breaker with team Calm your pickles coming out on top against Something Stupid. Round 3 was a close call! After the 7th question every team had exactly the same score! I thought I was going to have a tie-breaker with every team! But The Bits dropped the ball and got rugby confused with synchronized swimming securing them the third place prize! Teams Something Stupid and Bird is the Word were a part of the third round tie-breaker with the outcome being Bird is the Word as second place and Something Stupid as first place winners!

Your Mom....

The Bits

Bird is the Word

Calm your pickles

Something Stupid

Team T

The Mazurs



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