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Mellow Mush–karaoke night! March 31, 2011

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Agreeing with Barb, the blog is a tad temperamental tonight. But that’s not gonna stop me from reporting the INCREDIBLE karaoke that went on this week at Mellow Mushroom! We had everything from nursery rhymes to Cartman singing Sail Away to Nothin’ but a G thang. Too much fun! So glad teams are finally taking advantage of the extra point op.
Congrats to Team Glass House for taking round 1, 2 and overall! They sure are a brainy bunch. God Hates Me trailed most of the time and came in second overall.

congrats teams! can’t wait for some more karaoke!

OC A-ho X-ing–subbies! March 31, 2011

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Subbing at OC’s Arapaho Crossing was super fun! Such a lovely bunch of teams! And some pretty spiffy prizes too, I must say. Round one kicked off with a winning family team, Bravo, while the Lumberjacks stepped it up to win round 2 in a tiebreaker. We had an exciting tiebreaker for the overall win, but in the end it was AFB that came in first, winning $30 to OC!
Congrats teams, hope to see you again!

UBB Baba Booey March 30, 2011

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Is it a smart idea to wear these undeez though?

Why don't you come earlier next week? Then you will probably win.

See you at the game on Friday? Meet you at The Corner?

Diamonds Are NOT Forever... But a 2nd Place gift certificate is... Well until you spend it of course.

2.5 Livers, 1 Vagina... I am very proud of you for finally allowing women into the circle. First Place!!

OC Superior: Big Night in Little Superior March 29, 2011

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Big night at Old Chicago in Superior on Friday! We had a record of seven, count ’em SEVEN, teams participating in our Round One tie-breaker! Talk about a lot of geniuses up there in Superior…

Competing for the Round One Pitcher o’ Beer were Puse, Sheen the Monkey, Stupid People Clap, Breeeeeeet, Bar, Last Place and Andrew & the Beard. It was close… well, no. It wasn’t close. Everyone was WAY low on their guesses, but the least low was Andrew & the Beard!

Round Two was a four way tie between Puse, Sheen the Monkey, Stupid People Clap and Last Place and this time Pusewere our big winners.

Don’t be too sad for Last Place or Sheen the Monkeythough… they took Second and First Place overall for the game. Good playing, boys!

Also playing on Friday were Climbing the Ranks, Dr. Monkey, Team Name Here, Ramsand Lone Ranger.

Old Chicago Arapahoe Crossing is the BEST March 28, 2011

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Although we took a week off of trivia for St. Patty’s Day, the teams didn’t miss a beat. The juke box decided to take over my sound for a question or two, but we kept playing. It was a fantastic turnout, as usual. We had Assurance Chiropractic — Opening April 1st, We’re Trying to Watch the Game, Murphy, Team Funky, Tiger’s Blood, Cold Beer Nation, Dillon’s Slashers, AFB, Rednexk, and Team’s Velocity playing. Tiger Blood (aka In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash) took first place, Team Funky with second place, and Dillon’s Slashers taking third place (Happy birthday, Cathy!). Thanks everyone for coming out!!

Assurance Chiropractic -- Opening April 1st

Dillon's Slashers

Cold Beer Nation

Team Funky

Tiger's Blood

Team's Velocity

Mellow Mushroom Downtown Misses Lauren March 28, 2011

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When I walked into Mellow Mushroom, the first thing I thought was “there are so many people here!” I could not believe the turnout for trivia. Who can blame anyone, though? What with the AMAZING pizza, awesome trivia questions, and good beer, we started out with almost 20 teams! Everyone showed great patience and kindness as I struggled to get my audio working, and we were able to have a great night! Thank you, everyone, for playing!

We had the Silly Ninnies, Jason, Weber Party of Suck, MC, Raunchy Seagulls, Hocus Pokus, Glass house, Emily & Luke, James Greene, The Magic, The Amazing Starchild, Harwoods, Chaz’s 3rd Ball, and Team Kosmo. Glass House took first place, with the Silly Ninnies taking second place and the Raunchy Seagulls taking third place.

Thanks so much for a great night everyone!

Urban Sombrero – 3/26 March 27, 2011

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It was a super-special night of Buzzwordz trivia at the Urban Sombrero Saturday night and I was so happy to be back after being ridiculously sick and missing the show last week.  Luckily for the regulars our fearless leader, Tobin Hays, stepped in that night to host in my absence.  He must have really enjoyed himself because he was back last night for hot-cha-cha trivia at Urban Sombrero.  What made this a super-special night was two important changes:  a CASH MONEY prize for 1st place and a special set of trivia questions just for the Urbrero.  Woot!
And what a night!  We started strong with regulars Delerium, Guinness is Best, Vandelay Industries, and Chase and Mike cordially duking it out with special guest stars Jan and Dean, London Calling, …And the Winner Is, and MSP.  Almost everyone struggled with Round I’s challenging questions, with the notable exception of Round I winners Guinness is Best, who managed a near-perfect round score.
Round II found the other teams, Delerium in particular, catching up to the Guinness juggernaut, eventually tying for the win.  Although their tie-breaker answers were very close, Guinness is Best took Round II and some delicious shots, shots, shots.
Once again in Round III Guinness is Best and Delerium raced through the questions, leaving the other teams in the dust.  In the end there could be only one winner, however, and tonight it was Guinness is Best, with an astounding 46 points for the game (including email and bonus points).  Congratulations! 
Stay tuned for next week to see if any team, anywhere can mount a challenge to the unstoppable Guinness is Best!

London Calling

Jan and Dean

...and the winner is


Guinness is Best

Woody’s Wood-Fired Tavern, I Will Miss You! March 25, 2011

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What a tough blog to write, this was my last night hosting at Woody’s! I will miss hosting, but could not have asked for a more fun last night! Cobra Khai after answering the first answer correctly of “Naomi Campbell” then tried to answer almost every other answer in some form of that name! My favorite being the Japanese spelling! They also said that the largest sea was the ABSeas and the acronym FNMA was “Fun Night Making up Answers with Sarah!”  Which I thought was a better answer then the real one! Team The Weenis (which I’m still sad isn’t a Friends reference) started playing while still on the clock and hung around after work to finish up. Team I.Sis was just plain super excited about every question and answer! It sure kept my energy up! The Sconnies came in to watch the game but I talked them into playing trivia! The game they were watching was not hockey because they thought “The Mighty Ducks” was the highest scoring team! Budz on Sudz came up with the idea to put a pay toilet in their house to earn extra money! Dirty Dollhouse are some pretty awesome people! They stayed hard core and it payed off! Stink Tank (who accidentally got left out of the first few questions and I had to have a mini catch up game of trivia) totally brought their A-game! Winners of round 1 and round 2. Also first place winners of the night! Teams Dirty Dollhouse and Budz on Sudz were apart of a second place tie-breaker with Dirty Dollhouse coming out on top! It was a great night! I even bought everyone dessert! Then I left everyone with the threat that the next time they saw me I wouldn’t be their friend but their competitor! It’s been more fun then I can blog about!

Anybody order a free dessert?


Naomi Campbell (formerly known as Kobra Khai)


Budz on Sudz

Stink Tank

Dirty Dollhouse

The Weenis

Mellow Mushroom March 25, 2011

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What a crazy night! Spring break brought out a large crowd which ALMOST made me go crazy! But it was a blast! Teams Runners Up, John Ritter Chop Squad, Love Roller Coaster, Purple Haze, Smarty Pants, Pluggers, Team Charlie, Motley Crew, The Monkeys, The American, and The Boy Bartender is Sexy (this was actually Josh’s brother! haha!) all had a blast but not everyone can be winners, although everyone was super close! It was a close game! Round 1 winner was Ohh! Coins! (I prefer the team name “Matt Groves vs The World” but he preferred this) and he gave me a bite of his brownie sundae! Yum! Round 2 winners were Sparkle Magic Falafel which was awesome for them since they were late! Third place goes to Something Stupid, second place goes to Ohh! Coins!, and first place went to Team Awesome! Thanks everyone for playing!

Something Stupid

Team CharlieOhh! Coins!!

Smarty Pants

John Ritter Chop Squad

Love Roller Coaster

Purple Haze

Motley Crew

The American

Sparkle Magic Falafel

Runners Up

Castle Bar and Grill: March 23, 2011

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Greetings my fellow Castle goers.

Despite a TV/Video/Laptop error, followed by a dead battery on my MP3 Player, we had a fun night at the Castle Bar and Grill.

With the Texas Hold Em tables filled, we started a little late as I played IT Support getting my laptop to synch up with the big screen. We are pretty sure that the live band that plays every Saturday might have pulled a wire and did not bother to inform anyone.

We figured it out after a 10 minute delay. It was a slow start. Let’s just say that we don’t have a lot of drug using, diamond buying soccer fans. After that, however, we had our usual close game.

Regular, Jonsie took a one point lead over TB1, with a tie for third between Denalis and Royal Bitches. Jonsie used the email Bonus Question to secure that one digit win.

And the free beer that come with it.

Round 2 had the Royal Bitches with a solid 2 point lead over Jonsie and a 3 point win over Angry Birds Rio and Denalis. Apparently, Angry Birds Rio is a HUGE fan of that game. The judges watched him carefully as he plays that game between questions. But we are all playing with honor here. Right?

The final round and the game went to Jonsie. Even though I almost felt the need to disqualify them for NOT getting all three answers right in one of the questions in the third round. I’ll just shake my head and let them lower their head in shame. Somewhere,  an engineier is shaking his/her head.

The Bitches took 2nd and Angry Birds Rio came in third.

Don’t forget to come down to the Castle to watch the NCAA tournament on their 104″ screen this weekend.

feel free to root for UCONN on my behalf.

See you next week