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Urban Sombrero February 27, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Alex Bekerman, Aurora, CO, Buzzwordz Trivia, Urban Sombrero.

Elaine, you are a genius.

No, Elaine was not at the Urban Sombrero for Saturday night trivia, but Vandelay Industries sure was, along with Guinnes is Best, Team I Love Rowley/Do Me Dirty, Spandau Line Dance, Team Funk!, Chase and Mike, and Monster.

Round one started with your humble host reading Question 1…from last week.   Whoopsie!  Luckily, the teams were tucking into fabulous Mexican food and cold beers and were not too fed up with me.  Got that straightened out and the show went on.   Blooper #2 came at the end of Round 1, when I incorrectly added the round scores.  Yeah, I know — batting .1000, Alex. Before they kindly pointed out the error of my ways, Guinnes is Best was in a tie with Team I Love Rowley, which Rowley won by a scootch.  Both times were rewarded with free shots for their winning ways and I went to recollect my brains.

Round 2 went much more smoothly, and two new teams joined in: Monster and Team Funk who swept in late in the round with a flurry of great answers.  Nothing could sway the juggernaut of Guiness is Best and the ladies took Round 2 without incident.

Round 3 found a couple of team member boogying to other teams, Monster joined Team I Love Rowley and changed their name to Do Me Dirty.  The name change did not improve their ability to recall salad ingredients, and the challenge to Guinness is Best‘s dominance was left to Spandau Line Dance andVandelay Industries.  Those teams put up a great fight but Guinness is Best won Round 3 and the game, set, match.  Congratulations to the winners and I can’t wait to see all the players (and hopefully new faces) at the fabulous Urban Sombrero next S-A-T-U-
R, D-A-Y, Night!


Guinness is Best

Spandau Line Dance
Team I Love Rowley/Monster/Do Me Dirty
Vandelay Industries
Chase and Mike


1. buzzwordz - February 27, 2011

Pretty amazing photos, eh?

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