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Woody’s February 25, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Sarah Groves, Woody's.

Not to insult my other nights of hosting, but this was by far the most fun I’ve had at Buzzwordz! Woody’s was packed with trivia buffs and it was a great night! Also, I got an entire basket of sweet cinnamon frittas! The first was shared amongst the playing teams and the other came home with me! Exhibit A:

Sweet Cinnamon Frittas!

Man, they were delicious! I’m not sure if trivia will ever be the same without a basket of these bad boys! I had some pretty funny answers turned into me tonight. And from where I’m sitting a funny answer is a lot of times better then the right answer! At least more enjoyable, even if you don’t always get a point! Here are a few of the “winners” (the VERY funny answers). Team We don’t do coke, we just like the smell said that “super target” was a grocery chain named for a famous painter. When asked who the “captain” was in “O, Captian!” team Dystopia claimed it was “kirk” while team We don’t do coke we just like the smell answered “jack sparrow”! Both got huge laughs from me! God Muffins were hopeful that “Sutherland” was the diva in Alley McBeal. Team America! must have never seen Citizen Kane because they thought the first word was “balls” and the house was called “love-shack, baby, love-shack”! Thanks for all the entertaining answers! Here’s a fact about me: I love it when you draw pictures, too!

Team Dystopia were first time players who sadly couldn’t stay all night. But I love that their team name is also their Rockband band name! Hopefully they return cause I love Rockband! Team The Mechanics put up a pretty good fight during the first round then had to call it a night. Team Ziggy melded into other teams who didn’t have enough players as the night went on. Team We don’t do coke, we just like the smell were very close all night but after a tie breaker they slipped into third place. They were super entertaining all night so they better come back, again, next week! Team God Muffin took part in a tie-breaker in round one and also round three. Winning the round three tie-breaker and getting themselves second place! Good job, guys! Team America! (“did you yell “America” when you stepped on the gas pedal?” “No.” “You sure?”) won round one free shots, round two free shots (which they nicely shared) and were overall first place winners!

I know I already said it once, but tonight was AWESOME! I can’t wait for next week!


We don't do coke, we just like the smell

God Muffin


The Mechanics

Each week more and more pharmacy school students from UC Denver of Pharmacy come to play trivia. This week there were 3 teams of them so I just had to get a group photo!

Future Pharmacists!




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