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Mellow Mushroom February 23, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Centennial, Mellow Mushroom-Centennial, Sarah Groves.

Tonight was an amazing night, above and bey0nd any other Mellow Mushroom night! But that is because I ate one of each of their pretzels and they were amazing! The Parmesan was my favorite! Of course, trivia was a blast, too! Team Wait, what are we playing? just might be one of the best team names ever! Hahvahd Yahd! was the Boston accent way of saying “Harvard Yard”…. which I could not figure out how to say! Team The Hippies later became team Whazzup Dawg and they were a family hanging out with us. Something Stupid might just win the prize for the most consistent regulars! I see them every week! Bird is the Word were back from last week and probably eating for free since they were last week winners. The Buckeyes were a fun couple out on a date who were *NOT* drinking wine! Ha! Ha! Team Redsox Nation was another family out for dinner who played with us. The Randy Disher Project hung out at the bar with me and also got brownie points for an awesome team name! You can get brownie points, too, if you know why! Team The Rolling Stones must of had too good a night because their team name became The Rolling Stoners after the first round. They were also our Round One and Round Two winners! After we tallied up the game winners here’s what we found: Third place went to The Randy Disher Project, second place went to Something Stupid and first place went to The Rolling Stoners!! Congratulations to all our teams! It was a great night!

Bird is the Word

The Buckeyes

Redsox Nation

The Rolling Stones(ers)

Hahvahd Yahd!

Wait, what are we playing?

Something Stupid

Hippies / Whazzup Dawg



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