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Woody’s Wood-Fired Tavern February 18, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Sarah Groves, Woody's.

I went to Woody’s expecting a great night and I got exactly what I wanted! And, I hope, so did all of our teams! Team The Alcoholics joined in from the bar and for “alcoholics” they knew a lot of answers! Team The Dopes have been long time Woody’s regulars and I finally strung them in to playing a game with me! I count that as a point for Sarah! I’ve missed team Kobra Khai, but they showed up again tonight! They also entertained me by saying “Texas” was an African Country and that the characters on Sex and the City were “Blond 2” and “Brunette”. Team Los Winners were great fun! One of their answers of a Virgin Island was actually “Slut Island” which I found very entertaining! “Team” JeffPCMT did amazing even though he was a lone man without his team mates. Woody’s Round Up, There’s a Snake in my Boot! did really great tonight! So many friends of theirs showed up they had to make another team: We’re better then Matt. Sadly, they were not better… HaHa! Team Hot Tamales returned this week and won both Round 1 and Round 2! But all those free shots must have done a little damage because team Deutsch Bag walked away as overall game winners! Congrats Guys! I’ve been rooting for you! Behind them in second place team Hot Tamales secured their second place winnings!

Hot Tamales

Woody's Round Up- There's a Snake in my Boot!


The Alcoholics

Los Winners

Kobra Khai

The Dopes

Deutsch Bag

We're Better then Matt



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