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Woody’s Wood Fired Tavern February 12, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Sarah Groves, Woody's.

What a fun week at Woody’s! I particularly liked it because I showed up early and ate all you can eat pizza and salad bar. And trust me, I ate ALL I could eat! It was so tasty! We had some fun new teams this week. Team Jasper decided to join in while on their date night. Team Norma and Jeirt came in a little late because they couldn’t say “no” to my awesome trivia questions! Team Redneck and Juliet were another fun couple who I got to visit with all night long because they were in the “good seats” (That would be the ones closest to me!) They also thought that The Ghostbusters phone number was 867-5309! Team Hot Tamales returned again and played a great game and making it to the tie-breaker! Fat Clemenza (who thinks iodine is “tasty”) was our round 1 winners! They also were practically the sole participants in the Beer Pong game that started up! Team Bazinga after loosing the first round tie breaker stole the second round first place! And Team My Chest is Hairier Then Yours played a strong third round securing themselves first place overall! Although teams Bazinga, Fat Clemenza, and Hot Tamales were all part of a second place tie-breaker, Fat Clemenza walked away with the prize! It was another great night!

Redneck and Juliet


Hot Tamales

Norma and Jeirt


My Chest is Hairier Then Yours

Fat Clemenza



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