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Mellow Mushroom February 10, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Centennial, Sarah Groves.

This was not only my first week to host at Mellow Mushroom, but it was also my first time EVER to go to a Mellow Mushroom. And let me tell you it was great! I tasted some yummy food and met some fun people! I’m totally looking forward to getting to know everyone there better! (And to eat more food!)

We started out with a pretty big battle of teams! A lot of people gunning for the chance to win a free appetizer or dessert! Of course, there were the champions. Teams Mediocre Expectations, Lynch, Jawabi, Peanut Brains, Totolus, Ok, Great!, andRamrod all did great! Team Rectal Rockets won the first round and tried out a great appetizer! Team Something Stupidgot themselves a free appetizer as well after the second round. Round Three was such a close call! Talk about a nail biter! The top 3 teams had only 1 point between their scores! Team Something Stupid came in third place, second place went to team card sharks and our first place winners were team Rectal Rockets!!

Fun times all around at Mellow Mushroom this week! Join in next week as the fun continues!

Team Rectal Rockets

Something Stupid

Dancing Dolphins


OK, Great!

Soggy Bottoms


Card Sharks



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