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Issues with the Clap at Mellow Mushroom February 4, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Lauren Back, Mellow Mushroom-Denver.

One good way of seeking revenge on trivia teammates that choose to flake is to use defaming team names while they are absent. This week one particular player was targeted due to his inability to follow through on a promised night of trivia (cough cough…Will Bailey). I won’t combine name with statement, but Mr. Bailey’s name was joined with some rather embarrassing (and dare I ask true?) accusations, such as “___  ____ has the clap,” “___  ____ has Chlamydia issues,” “____  ______’s discharge.” And the list goes on. There’s no telling what an angry, solo trivia player (cough cough…Tony) will do with his spare time when he is out for revenge.
Despite the cold…no that’s a huge understatement….despite the arctic temperatures, we still had a nice turnout for Wednesday night trivia at the Mellow Mushroom downtown. Congrats to God Hates Egypt for winning round 1 and overall buy JUST A HAIR. ___ _____ has the clap (or whatever other name of that particular round/question) scored big in round 2, proving that he doesn’t need teammates with venereal diseases to kick ass. Congrats to Team Emily for coming in second by just 1½ points! These folks are on their way to the top.

See you all next week, hopefully when it’s not so cold that are our eyeballs freezing in their sockets. Did anyone else get that feeling this week?



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