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Old Chicago, Thornton February 2, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Old Chicago-Thornton 120th, Terri VanderWeide, Thornton, CO.

This week’s trivia night at Old Chicago was full of great, lively teams. Team Phred appeared to be in the lead for the game, but the Cheatin Cheaters pointed out our fearless leader’s arithmetic error to pull them into first place by 1 point. The other great teams that were there included: Guinness is Best, Shake Weight Mafia, Team Ramrod, Rugburn, Dro, Death: The Closest Gary Coleman Got to 6 Feet, the Nixonites, Tex Sux, Stick It Not Lick It, and FML . The teams were very gracious and kind to me as I led my first round of trivia. We had very high scoring rounds with tie breakers for the first and third round. As the competition heated up for first place, one team was disqualified for cheating. (Take note all of you fancy phone people). Many teams surprised me with their knowledge and enthusiasm for comic books and sports of all varieties. All in all it was a fun night, as always, at Old Chicago. Thank you, everyone, for being encouraging throughout the second round. You guys are great!









Tex Sux

Guinness is Best

Cheatin Cheaters



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