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Urban Sombrero February 27, 2011

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Elaine, you are a genius.

No, Elaine was not at the Urban Sombrero for Saturday night trivia, but Vandelay Industries sure was, along with Guinnes is Best, Team I Love Rowley/Do Me Dirty, Spandau Line Dance, Team Funk!, Chase and Mike, and Monster.

Round one started with your humble host reading Question 1…from last week.   Whoopsie!  Luckily, the teams were tucking into fabulous Mexican food and cold beers and were not too fed up with me.  Got that straightened out and the show went on.   Blooper #2 came at the end of Round 1, when I incorrectly added the round scores.  Yeah, I know — batting .1000, Alex. Before they kindly pointed out the error of my ways, Guinnes is Best was in a tie with Team I Love Rowley, which Rowley won by a scootch.  Both times were rewarded with free shots for their winning ways and I went to recollect my brains.

Round 2 went much more smoothly, and two new teams joined in: Monster and Team Funk who swept in late in the round with a flurry of great answers.  Nothing could sway the juggernaut of Guiness is Best and the ladies took Round 2 without incident.

Round 3 found a couple of team member boogying to other teams, Monster joined Team I Love Rowley and changed their name to Do Me Dirty.  The name change did not improve their ability to recall salad ingredients, and the challenge to Guinness is Best‘s dominance was left to Spandau Line Dance andVandelay Industries.  Those teams put up a great fight but Guinness is Best won Round 3 and the game, set, match.  Congratulations to the winners and I can’t wait to see all the players (and hopefully new faces) at the fabulous Urban Sombrero next S-A-T-U-
R, D-A-Y, Night!


Guinness is Best

Spandau Line Dance
Team I Love Rowley/Monster/Do Me Dirty
Vandelay Industries
Chase and Mike

Old Chicago Arapahoe Crossing February 25, 2011

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This was a tough week for a lot of our contestants, but it was great to see everyone come out again. We had Team TJ, Ya We Know, Signature Trio, Turd Furguson, Adios Melo, Da Bulls, In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash, HiHi, Team Ramrod, and Team Murphy jumped in on the third round. Da Balls came in third place, Signiture Trip came in second, and In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash won first place. Thanks for playing, everyone! I love being able to recognize faces as well as meet new people every week.


In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash

Turd Furguson

Signature Trio

Da Balls (Sorry so blurry, guys)

The representatives for HiHi

Team Ramrod

My favorite answer of the week:

Who was the “Captain” in Walt Whitman’s “Oh Captain my Captain?”

Captain Cook Crunch Morgan.

It made me smile.

Woody’s February 25, 2011

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Not to insult my other nights of hosting, but this was by far the most fun I’ve had at Buzzwordz! Woody’s was packed with trivia buffs and it was a great night! Also, I got an entire basket of sweet cinnamon frittas! The first was shared amongst the playing teams and the other came home with me! Exhibit A:

Sweet Cinnamon Frittas!

Man, they were delicious! I’m not sure if trivia will ever be the same without a basket of these bad boys! I had some pretty funny answers turned into me tonight. And from where I’m sitting a funny answer is a lot of times better then the right answer! At least more enjoyable, even if you don’t always get a point! Here are a few of the “winners” (the VERY funny answers). Team We don’t do coke, we just like the smell said that “super target” was a grocery chain named for a famous painter. When asked who the “captain” was in “O, Captian!” team Dystopia claimed it was “kirk” while team We don’t do coke we just like the smell answered “jack sparrow”! Both got huge laughs from me! God Muffins were hopeful that “Sutherland” was the diva in Alley McBeal. Team America! must have never seen Citizen Kane because they thought the first word was “balls” and the house was called “love-shack, baby, love-shack”! Thanks for all the entertaining answers! Here’s a fact about me: I love it when you draw pictures, too!

Team Dystopia were first time players who sadly couldn’t stay all night. But I love that their team name is also their Rockband band name! Hopefully they return cause I love Rockband! Team The Mechanics put up a pretty good fight during the first round then had to call it a night. Team Ziggy melded into other teams who didn’t have enough players as the night went on. Team We don’t do coke, we just like the smell were very close all night but after a tie breaker they slipped into third place. They were super entertaining all night so they better come back, again, next week! Team God Muffin took part in a tie-breaker in round one and also round three. Winning the round three tie-breaker and getting themselves second place! Good job, guys! Team America! (“did you yell “America” when you stepped on the gas pedal?” “No.” “You sure?”) won round one free shots, round two free shots (which they nicely shared) and were overall first place winners!

I know I already said it once, but tonight was AWESOME! I can’t wait for next week!


We don't do coke, we just like the smell

God Muffin


The Mechanics

Each week more and more pharmacy school students from UC Denver of Pharmacy come to play trivia. This week there were 3 teams of them so I just had to get a group photo!

Future Pharmacists!


Mellow Mushroom–I love Agave Wheat beer February 24, 2011

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It’s true. Totally made my day to find out that Mellow Mushroom in LoDo carries it along with other delicious Breckenridge Brewery beers! Yum.Wednesday night trivia just got that much better!And have I mentioned how nice and helpful and awesome the staff is? 🙂

This week we had some super close scores from some favorite teams. Congrats to Tony has Crabs for sweeping the night!  While Team Glass House and Operation Kapow! were close behind the whole game, God Hates Libya sneaked ahead of them to finish in second overall. And 2mw, such a lovely bunch, had impressive scores throughout as well!

TGI FRiDAY’S Colorado Springs :) February 24, 2011

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Another AWESOME night at TGI FRiDAY’S. Had a lot of the same faces and some new faces as well. We began the night with Fast Cars, Wingers, Slytherin, The Two-Fers, Team Lone Star, OTB, The Poop Flingers and Zik Zak. Ending round 1, Slytherin took the win. Round 2, The Two-Fers took the prize… And our game winners were

The Two-Fers – 3rd

Slytherin – 2nd

Fast Cars1st

Way to go everyone. Can’t wait to see you next week at TGI FRiDAY’S in Colorado SpringsThe Two-Fers

Fast CarsThe WingersSlytherinThe Poop Flingers

Mellow Mushroom February 23, 2011

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Tonight was an amazing night, above and bey0nd any other Mellow Mushroom night! But that is because I ate one of each of their pretzels and they were amazing! The Parmesan was my favorite! Of course, trivia was a blast, too! Team Wait, what are we playing? just might be one of the best team names ever! Hahvahd Yahd! was the Boston accent way of saying “Harvard Yard”…. which I could not figure out how to say! Team The Hippies later became team Whazzup Dawg and they were a family hanging out with us. Something Stupid might just win the prize for the most consistent regulars! I see them every week! Bird is the Word were back from last week and probably eating for free since they were last week winners. The Buckeyes were a fun couple out on a date who were *NOT* drinking wine! Ha! Ha! Team Redsox Nation was another family out for dinner who played with us. The Randy Disher Project hung out at the bar with me and also got brownie points for an awesome team name! You can get brownie points, too, if you know why! Team The Rolling Stones must of had too good a night because their team name became The Rolling Stoners after the first round. They were also our Round One and Round Two winners! After we tallied up the game winners here’s what we found: Third place went to The Randy Disher Project, second place went to Something Stupid and first place went to The Rolling Stoners!! Congratulations to all our teams! It was a great night!

Bird is the Word

The Buckeyes

Redsox Nation

The Rolling Stones(ers)

Hahvahd Yahd!

Wait, what are we playing?

Something Stupid

Hippies / Whazzup Dawg

I Love You Hop Henge February 23, 2011

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Hello world-  it’s the return of Barbara, Trivia Hostess Extrodinaire!!!  I love Uptown Brothers- and especially the 2 for 1 beers… Ok on to the photos!

Dear friends!! Show up on time next week, and perhaps you will win something!

Kyle- you DO suck... Oh wait, you don't suck anymore.  You gave me a beer.  Cheers!

Get back in the picture dude. Two and a half guys, 1.25 livers I guess?


2 Guys... this must mean that there is 1 liver there.

313! 313!

For the first time in my life I actually started something on time. I will try harder next week to be late!


Nobody puts Baby in "The Corner"

See you next week people.  I didn’t get around to all of you for pics.  The 7 minute break really isn’t enough to talk to all y’all AND take the pics.

Old Chicago Superior: A new champion! February 21, 2011

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Lots of excitement at Old Chicago in Superior this Friday, where we had two new teams chalk up some wins in our field of regular players. Round one was a tie-breaker between old favorites Superfly Monkey, The Spearheads (feat. Justin Bieber) and newcomers Kmart and LL’s Egytian Boyfriends with Kmart winning the round.

Round Two went to LL’s Egyptian Boyfriends, who also won the game. Superfly Monkey and Kmart were tied for second place overall, with Superfly Monkey winning the tie-breaker and the OC gift certificate.

Also playing we had DFL, Got Balls, Last Place, Hawkeyes, Car Ramrod and Halfway House (a team of your host’s college buddies who showed up about halfway through the game. Oops.)

With a whole bunch of great new teams in the mix, it looks like the competition at OC Superior just got a little tougher… damn!

Castle Bar and Grill: All you need is… (Um. I’ll get back to you) February 19, 2011

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Greetings my fellow Castle fans.

We had a large crowd playing three tables of Texas Hold ‘Em and Trivia. Talk about some Multi-Taskers. We only had one person in the bar shout out an answer, and he was quickly stuffed into a trunk out in the parking lot and never heard from again.

That’s Plinky used the Email Bonus Question to take a one point win over Team Green and Poker Party. They forgot to look up the answer.


Royal Bitches came back and took round 2 with a two point lead over Team Green. Rick Rollers was third.

In the final Round, Poker Party used their ‘Love’ of Beatles music to take the round. However, the Royal Bitches used their knowledge of Hip-Hop clothing to score enough point to take the overall win. Poker Party came in 2nd with Team Green in 3rd. 

Next stop: Jeopardy! February 18, 2011

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I know there are a lot of smart people out there, but I feel like these players are smarter than the average. And they are hilarious to top it all. This week was great — there wasn’t an empty table in the whole bar. In fact, we even had a team or two merge together for the sake of having a place to set. We had HiHi, daBulls (Yay for Michigan residents of some form or another), Minions, B**** from Montana, Dave the Bartender is Awesome, 3 Chicks, In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash, The Jon & Bob Book Club, Cold Beer Nation, Team D’s, and the 3 Amigos. We had The Jon & Bob Book Club come in third place, the 3 Amigos with second place, and reclaiming first place was In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash.

Oh…and have you heard that Beatles’ song “Yellow Submarine AKA Love”? I hear it is pretty great.


The Jon & Bob Book Club

Cold Beer Nation

3 Amigos

da Bulls

Dave The Bartender Is Awesome (he is, actually)


In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash