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Mellow Mushroomers You Can’t Fool Me and You can’t leave before you get your prize! January 27, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Lauren Back, Mellow Mushroom-Denver.

How many times must I tell you my lovely trivia players? I will only accept up to 8 and only 8 answers for the Buzzer Beater question! For example–if you number your answers 1 through 8 and put two # 3’s in your list, I will probably figure it out. I know my math skills are below the national average and it takes me excessive time to tally your scores, but COME ON PEOPLE!

I kid, i kid….as for the rest of this lovely January evening, we had an excellent 3 rounds of trivia. Congrats to Moscow’s Da Bomb for sweeping rounds 1, 2 and our $20 MM gift certificate. As for our second place team, Hot Tang…umm….where did you guys go?!? You know that your $10 Mellow Mushroom credit doesn’t just automatically get added to your bank account, right? Well congrats to Shots Please for stealing their glory and taking second place in their absence. Other noteworthy appearances were made by our standby Operation Kapow, Team BK, Kick in a Box, Team Simon, and the Dizzy Danglers.



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